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    I putting this in a new thread so that it isn't overlooked by anyone that wants to know....

    Best Buy is selling them again. At least here in Atlanta. The sales guy said they had them ready to ship back, but they got a call late today telling them to "just get rid of them".

    I bought one at $99. I was there for about 10 minutes and at least 10 more sold while I was there and another person was asking about them at the door when I was leaving. They are closing now, but anyone that wants one might be able to get one in the morning if they show up early.

    Oh, also they were limiting the sale to one per person.

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    which location?
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    I bought 3 in Cali at around 5:30 pdt.

    They said, they were had just gotten them out around 10 minutes before I arrived, their were around 20 of them, all near the check outs infront of the store.

    I bought 3 lol...They also said limited 1 per customer but gladly I knew a Girl there who knows me and that person who denied me for the next 2 was gone.

    I send my mom alittle bit later to try and get another one to see if I could cancel the HP touchpad I got from the HP Site(doubt I could, didn't try)...Anyways they ran already like in an hour.

    So Yeah they are probably out but Best buy did sell them.
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    I got one at Edgewood at Little Five Points. The guy said they had about 25 left. I doubt they could sell them all before they closed, but a couple of the sales guys milling around were talking about buying one for themselves.
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    I think that message went out nationwide. I heard about it here (Mountain west), and the three BB near me all started selling them again at about 5 pm -- and all are now sold out.
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    their policy has changed
    BBY - HP TouchPad FAQs - Best Buy: Unboxed
    they're price matching too
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjonvon View Post
    their policy has changed
    BBY - HP TouchPad FAQs - Best Buy: Unboxed
    they're price matching too
    I'm printing this and bringing it with me. Will take the $ back to buy more!
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    no luck for me in KS by this time of night. sold out for me in store and online
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    Yep. My brother works GS at the BB in Tallahassee and he started calling me frantically saying they were now selling them and if I wanted another but had to act now cause they were flying like "crack rocks to fiends". Lol Missed the last double dip deal but got a 32gb for $149 +tax and will give the 16gb to the Family to share (Mrs. has a Nootered Nook but still grabs the TPad whenever I put it down (not often)
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    After giving up on my search this morning i decided to drop by the best buy on my way to get food to chit chat with the reps, about bestbuy sending them back. then he told me they just got a memo to sell them but had to wait for the price to change in the system. i said screw it ill wait the 30 min till closing and if dont change ill come in the morning. all the sudden a crapload of people showed up. i was second in line,, got my touchpad even though i was about to leave right before they got ok to do price override. then i noticed i forgot my wallet so had to have my mom speed on over to bring it to me while i told the rep i had to go buy some cds and hid out in that section.

    Does anyone touchpad seem used. for some reason my didnt have the saran wrap on it, but did have the HP sealed tape. but when i opened it the protective film around touch pad seemd smudgy, and after i took it off i noticed some smudeges on the edges but i think its from the sticky protective cover i peeled off....does any one have same experience.?
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    I just left my local BB and they won't sell any until 10AM tomorrow.
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    ***!!!? Damn it! I just came HOME from Best Buys, I didn't see any Touchpads out on display or noticed anyone in line for anything peculiar. But now they are closed :-(
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    This whole thing is NUTS! I got lucky this morning. Went out and scored a $150 32g for my son at Staples after BB turned me away. Got home and saw the post about BB refunding early adopters and ran back out and got a SECOND 32g at a different Staples for myself, planning to return my original to BB tomorrow. Now BB has reversed themselves again and sold more TPs and price-matched early adopters. This is the most screwed up tech story I've ever heard.
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    Went to my BB here in Gilbert. Sales rep said they sold all of them in less than an hour after they got the OK

    At least they honored my pricematch =D

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