One of my main projected uses for a tablet is to read PDFs. I'm in a science program at University and so I have to do a ton of research, and reading a dense 50 page journal article on a laptop isn't much fun.

Downloading and viewing PDF's from anywhere on the web except sites where I have gained access through my university library website is fine. When I download one from a university affiliated source I get a 2-9kb file called "login."

I used an application that takes pictures of webpages on the URL of these "login" files and the picture was of the loginscreen for my university library.

Unfortunately I'm not very well versed in the nitty gritty technical aspects of what is going on, but I think I'm browsing behind some sort of proxy in order to have these websites know that I have paid for access (after I log in). But something about the Touchpad's browser kills that when I try to download the file. I'm not sure why it only happens when I try to download a pdf- normally if I was not logged in I would be stopped before I could even see the pdf, and the touchpad gets me around that barrier just fine.

Does anyone know how I could fix this? I have preware installed, but haven't been able to find any patches that might be able to fix this.

EDIT- forgot to mention that when I open one of the login files it says "Cannot open MIME type"