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    So I was one of those early adopters that was eligible for the Pre- mail in rebate program. Since at the time I wasn't expecting HP to kill WebOS I sent in my receipt with the rebate as requested and I'm sort of sitting in limbo right now. Has anyone heard if their mail in was even received to begin with?

    Has anyone ever heard back on their rebate yet? Are they going to give the firesale credit instead of just the $50 that was originally offered? Since they required receipt and UPC from the box it is kind of hard to go back to Best Buy and prove to them that I purchased my TP from them originally.
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    No, I haven't received my rebate either. I'll probably call about it later in the week.

    BTW, did you send HP your original receipt instead of a copy? Did you make a copy of the paperwork before you sent it in? If you copied the receipt, maybe that will work at BB.

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