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    2 millions???
    maybe 0.2 millions in this world
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    So this should be taken with a grain of salt. I was not in this meeting. Everything I'm writing is 3rd party.

    One of my former students works for BB. They were scheduled to have a TP training this am that got changed to a future of webOS meeting by HP.

    The HP rep told BB employees that the TP hardware was holding back the performance of webOS. HP knew this and has been in talks with both HTC and Samsung. He mentioned Samsung an HTC being upset with Google and that they were both interested in making webOS phone and tablets. He noted HTC's contract with Beats Audio.

    The HP rep said the 'fire sale' was not the original plan but that losses are being considered advertising expenses. "Once you use webOS we believe you won't want to use anything else." Estimated 2 million TP would sell in the 'fire sale.'

    The HP rep was very optimistic. He left saying watch for an announcement within the next two weeks about a hardware partner. Possibly both HTC and Samsung.

    The Best Buy employees all left 'excited' about webOS's future feeling like they were in the mist of something very big!

    Just telling you what I've heard. Hope its true. I'm not trying to sell false hope here.

    It should be noted that the meeting lasted 6 hours!
    HP hires a 3rd party agency for their BB training as well as the Kiosk Representatives. These reps no little to nothing of HP's future intentions. Although this sounds like a wonderful idea, i wouldn't get my hopes up.
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    Good way to get some likes, I guess, posting a fantasy like this.

    Hopefully something like this will happen, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by navyyang View Post
    2 millions???
    maybe 0.2 millions in this world
    You think 200.000 TouchPads were produced?

    How can Best Buy ALONE have been given 275.000 then?

    Or do you think they can only SHIFT 200.000?
    At a price of $100 apiece?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    One of my former students works for BB. They were scheduled to have a TP training this am that got changed to a future of webOS meeting by HP.
    Please don't tell me any of you are buying this nonsense. The details of a major corporation licensing the software of another major corporation are not officially DISCUSSED AT TRAINING MEETINGS!!!
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    Please note again. I'm just telling you what I was told. The only reason the conversation started was due to me wanting to return my TouchPad to Best Buy without a receipt.

    I was told to calm down and wait. My first post was the explanation I was given for holding out. Also, my former student is a big Asus fan and gave me a lot of flak for using webOS. If this is a dream land fairytale it was created by the HP rep.

    RE: HP not participating in the 'fire sale.' Vendors were given the option to send product to HP for sale online or sell at a discount. BB chose to send theirs back. I don't know why.
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    Back to the OP, not to be pessimistic but in my experience the reps are too far removed from the actual decision makers or even those who know what they are deciding to provide accurate enough information. Sounds logical though, but I wouldn't put too much hope into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post
    Back to the OP, not to be pessimistic but in my experience the reps are too far removed from the actual decision makers or even those who know what they are deciding to provide accurate enough information. Sounds logical though, but I wouldn't put too much hope into it.

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    You're probably right but it did give me enough hope not to trade in my TouchPad for an iPad2. :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsentell View Post
    Don't quote me on this but I think the TouchPad was designed by Palm and not HP. That's why future development was moved on to the PSG. Palm was a great software company, but their hardware was lacking.
    Actually it was an HP design that was (at least pretty much) finalized before HP even acquired Palm. Here it is from a Palm mechanical engineer: amaathrowaway comments on IAMA HP Web OS Employee AMAA

    Quote Originally Posted by narcoleptic View Post

    You really don't want Samsung as a hardware manufacturer. A large amount of their Android phones are terrible and do not receive much support. Ask Moment or original Galaxy owners about Samsung. While there was a good amount of carrier pushed apps on those phones, stupendous decisions like a proprietary file system that caused hangs are the tip of the iceberg. Don't think for a minute that Samsung wouldn't try it with a webOS phone.
    Sorry for my tone earlier.

    Fair enough, but I'd rather have someone than no one. After a nap this whole thing sounds bogus though anyway.
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    This post requires more than a shaker of salt. I think this one needs an extra special bottle of Patron.
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    I think there may be some bit of truth in it. I think the rep probably knew someone up the chain who may have told him/her about potential license deals, but I can guarantee this rep didn't have the official word. I think it's well known that Samsung has been in talks with HP to license webOS, and there was word straight from HTC that they would be interested. I am starting to wonder if this whole mess started because of the Google/Moto deal. I can see Samsung and HTC saying they want in, now, but that they didn't want to compete with HP. This is VERY plausible. Android is on extremely shaky legal footing right now, and it is a real possibility that Android could be removed from the US marketplace via injunctions.

    Even with Moto's patents Google may lose as those very patents haven't been holding up in court. So this may have been THE impetus for these guys to want to move on to something they think might take off with the right hardware. Especially since they know that Apple can't touch them if they are under Palm's patent umbrella.

    If HP actually produced 2 million TouchPads, this fire sale is going to create 2 million webOS users over night. That would be a huge boost for the platform. Of course, if they don't have new hardware from somewhere coming up behind this, it will start to slowly fade in a couple of months.

    I do know this, things are going to be quite interesting here in the next couple of weeks. Now, where is the VZW Pre 3 fire sale?
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    What is the point? They keep saying nobody can beat crapple and hemroid so why would anyone want to bother?
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    Quote Originally Posted by navyyang View Post
    2 millions???
    maybe 0.2 millions in this world
    Well according to the below article, an estimate of 350,000 units have been sold this weekend. And that was BEFORE Best Buy decided to get in on the fire sale.

    HP has sold 350,000 TouchPads this weekend - AfterDawn

    So if Best Buy had 200,000+ units and they'll surely get sold out, that's a whole lot of TouchPads!!
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    I'm confused, last week it was nonsense that best buy had so many touchpads ordered because there was no way they had produced so many in a single quarter - now the same people are taken it as a given that they did.

    People are going to hurt their backs if they continue to twist so fast.

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    it is nice to see how civilized are people on this forum

    Anyways, what I think about this thread:

    *Samsung are one of the best HW makers out there, they pretty much build the whole device, they know what they do and they can deliver it on time, so they are the best candidates for this deal

    *But still it doesnt make sense somehow, since Samsung just a week ago hired the Cyogan mode developer, besides they just announced wave3 which runs their own OS bada

    *LG was talking about adopting Meego, so every OEM is directly and publicly supporting an OS (moto/google, nokia/MS, Meego/LG) which leaves two major players out of the picture (HTC, Samsung) and i think it is about time they took a stnad for a true multi-tasking platform besides Meego.

    As a Nokia N900 user, I really support "real" linux operating systems, and wish such good OS never dies -I always wondered where would we be if IBM chose UNIX over Windows

    just some thoughts from here and there commenting on all the posts I read on this thread.

    EDIT: it is really confusing whats going on in the mobile business these days, change pace is really fast and nothing is foreseen

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    Samsung - great hardware, LOUSY software use of hardware.
    Palm and HP - great software, sub-par hardware.

    Maybe the two are a good marriage!

    (I know nothing about HTC. But our Samsung TV that is "streaming media capable" is pretty pathetic with anything other than Samsung's apps. Can't even work with MS Windows Home Servers. My Samsung Epic had lousy support, and the Android implementation was really buggy, which is why I came back to webOS. Had gorgeous screen, great camera though. But the GPS and Bluetooth stank because of hardware/software implementation)
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    This is just hopeful thinking, there's no way an HP retail rep would have any idea what's going on in the restructuring of HP. Having said that if you try to make sense of the mess it's the only positive outcome that adds up. HP has already talked to other manufactures about webOS, let's just hope it ends up in Samsung/LG phones and not relegated to cars and kitchen appliances!

    NB) In regard to HTC, HP only had exclusivity on Beats for a defined period.
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    You shouldn't get your hopes up. Then it's easier to be pleasantly surprised.

    I for one keep thinking that webOS is dead, thanks to the way HP handled things. They alienated the last customers and (non homebrew) devs they had. Why would anyone pick up webOS now?

    Good management would've been to package the announcement of stopping webOS hardware with the announdement of a licensee. This way they might have send a positive message. Now webOS is hanging on to a thin straw, being in danger to fall down into the sea of sharks.

    Leo Apotheker will go down in history as the worst CEO ever. He even let's Hector Rui(n)z look like a white shiny knight. Ruiz destroyed the processor section of Motorola before going to AMD and ****ed up everything they build up with the Athlon 64. Thank god he's gone now and things look a tad better for AMD now.

    €dith: To be exact: Hector Ruiz came in time for the introduction of the Athlon 64, however, it was already close to being finished before he came. Consequently, he is not responsible for the product that is the Athlon 64. He is responsible for the huge failure Phenom, though.

    From what I heard this was a result of a leak to Bloomberg. The rumor is HP wasn't planning on announcing this for another few months. They are so disorganized with everything currently I can't imagine this was the timing they wanted. They don't even know what teams they're keeping yet.
    Just supports my claim about bad management. You should not let rumors have so much power about you. Of course, only if it is true.
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    If I could have a dollar for every thread that started with "take this with a grain of salt", I'd probably have enough money to buy a couple Touchpads right now.
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    Wow, for a second there reading your post I felt that magical feeling of butterflies in my stomach thinking webOS might actually live another day and have a new chance to become relevant. Even if it's all bs, thanks for that at least. It's been so depressing around here this week that this feeling seems almost alien to me.
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