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    Sorry if this is a dumb question...I just plugged in my touchpad for the first time and it powered itself back on. I shut it down and it just restarted. Will the device not power off while charging?
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    because the brain of the charging circuit is in the touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    because the brain of the charging circuit is in the touchpad.
    Is that a real answer because I have no idea what that means. Please clarify?
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    Does anyone know anything about this? I just find it odd that you cant shut the device off while it is on the charger....
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    the phones are the same way i guess its just a webOS thing
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    I think my iPhone and iPad are the same way. I don't know for sure because I never actually shut them down. Why would I want to? Just put them to sleep.
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    They will always power on when you plug them in or put them on the touchstone. There is no way around this that I know of.
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    yeah, I think it is by design. The whole idea behind Touchstones is that the device is ready to go any time. Exhibition is an extension of this.

    It bothered me at first but now I don't mind at all. When I don't want to see it I just keep the case flap closed. If I want to see Exhibition, I lower the case flap. Problem solved.

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