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    TouchPads are selling now more than ever. It appears all HP had to do was reduced the price and they'll run off the shelves like iPad.

    Anyone that has ever own a webOS device knows that once you're hooked its hard to walk away from it.
    HP now has more TouchPad users so can they say oops and start building or invest in better webOS device hardware?
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    It's a fire sale intended to get rid of the stock as quickly as possible. This is what they were expecting - its not going to cause them to change their minds.
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    its plain $$ recovery, sales of a discontinued device will not encourage them when they have come this far into a disasterous character assassination on their reputation worldwide.

    Us customers now know what their capable of, imagine businesses that think "hmm they could just turn around and mess things up here as well, weve just seen what happens when they need to run a potential risk........ they cave in, and fast".

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