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    EDIT: a bit of further browsing shows it's only an issue here on this website - odd. Can't recreate this problem elsewhere.

    Feel free to ignore what's below, as it only seems to pertain to PRECENTRAL while I thought it was actually a touchpad problem:

    Just a quick formal request for a patch to kill touchpad's heavy use of cache while web browsing.

    Surfing this forum alone I've had to use the reload button 10-12 times in the last few minutes. Anyone able to fix this in a quick patch or have a suggestion that otherwise would?

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    I think it's an issue with this site, not the touchpad.
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    Ahh, well maybe that's it then. Interesting that the precentral site would have issues with cache'ing on the touchpad .

    I'm not having issues on my computer, so I'm assuming it has something to do with the touchpad's browser....

    I'll have to fiddle around with it on other websites and see if there are similar issues.


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