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    There are a ton of TouchPads listed on Craigslist in Los Angeles already. Some moron has the gall to list a 16GB unit at $500!!!! Admittedly that is with a Touchstone and a case, but .... REALLY?

    I'll be laughing if HP ends up selling the BestBuy/Costco/RadioShack stock at the $99/$150 price and all of these people who bought 25-50 TouchPads to try and resell them at ridiculous prices take a bath on the whole deal.
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    Someone's on phoenix craigslist offering 200$ for anyone willing to sell him a 32gig.

    That's at least an easy 40$ or so after taxes for someone who snatched one. Course, the other 32 gig devices showing for sale are in the 325$+ range (with 16 gig's showing up for 220$ish).

    Funny stuff.

    Honestly though, the gouging begins because these things were sold well below their value. I'd bet HP would have just as easily sold-out had they priced them at 200$-250$ instead of 100-150.

    I imagine gougers will take home at least a bit of profit - considering the 100/150$ pricepoints, a gouger will easily take home 50+$/unit with minimal effort.

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