Well as a proud UK owner of a pre- and a pre 2 I have been after a touchpad but wanted to wait for the devs to catch up with it a bit so there was more app support before taking the plunge and playing with the demo unit at the local carphone warhouse was just torturing me even more.

After reading this site the last couple of days I have wanted to secure one before they all disappear into the hands of pre-teens at the discount prices the US seems to have, luckily ebay came to my rescue and I have just paid for 2 32GB models to be shipped to me for less than HP want for a UK 16GB model.

I along with the rest of this forum hope that there is some future for webOS in our lives and even if HP leave us high and dry without support or the palm profile servers I will still carry my pre 2 and touchpad with pride.

All I can hope for now is being able to track down a veer or pre 3 at a reasonable price before they all disappear too.

This may be classed as my first post, but I have been around for a while viewing the forums and also posted before but cannot remember my login.