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    I'm playing Angry Birds on my touchpad but I can't find a proper way to go back to the home screen? It seems like i have to shut down my touchpad and boot it back up? How do I quit the game!?
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    just toss the card. That's how webOS closes programs.
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    Swipe up with your finger from the bottom of the screen. Or push the middle button.
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    It's a little something we call the '12 steps'...
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    The horror... The horror...
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    Oh wow I feel so stupid...thank you
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    Im so used to pushing the middle button on my pre lol, good thing this thread came up so i can swipe it of when is in landscape view.
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    while we are on the subject ... any good advice on how to quit crack ?
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    Here's another way:

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    Wasn't there an egg and taxi that appeared on the treo pda?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MihMih View Post
    while we are on the subject ... any good advice on how to quit crack ?
    Stop "cracking"
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdabest9 View Post
    Oh wow I feel so stupid...thank you
    It happens. Is this your first webOS device? Your join date is back in 09...guess that could be another part of the site.
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    PIFFTTTT lol

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