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    Quote Originally Posted by kingofbeans View Post
    I'm sure most of the ebay sellers havent got a lot of touchpads to sell... So one "extra device" is probably the norm. Also more than double cost is not "a reasonable price" in my book. I just don't like to see this in this thread. As you say, their is a marketplace section. Users are welcome to do that their, and let people decide if that is "reasonable" or not.
    As I've posted in other threads, even selling at double the price they may have paid is still less than half the original price. If HP had dropped the price to only 50% in the fire sale in the first place (£200), I suspect a lot of people who are now getting sniffy about paying £180 would have happily snapped them up given the opportunity because they thought that that was the best deal they'd get. So you're basically complaining about now only getting £220 off instead of £310 off - but £220 off is still a VERY "reasonable" discount in my book. And if my experience was anything to go by, getting hold of Touchpads in the fire sale wasn't exactly a piece of cake. Why should people put in sometimes hours of research in seeking these items out, possibly incurring interest charges on credit cards etc. in the process (which is certainly what happened to me), be obliged to sell their hard-won property on at cost price? I'm yet to hear ANY explanation that isn't some form of "it's not fair". Which isn't true - it's not "not fair", it's just you didn't get lucky. Or at least not AS lucky. You may as well be complaining about only winning £100 in the lottery rather than £500.

    Make a judgment decision: if you want a Touchpad and think it's worth it at the price it's offered at, buy it. If not, don't - your options are try and find a cheaper one elsewhere or go without. But the usual rules of supply and demand apply - no one is required to sell one to you for the price you want it at when other people are willing to pay more*. And if you think that sounds harsh, well try setting your own price for everything next time you go to Tesco's and see how you get on

    *and just to underline the fact - the other people who are happy to pay e.g. £180 for a 16 GB Touchpad are STILL getting something under half the original price. This isn't the price gouging around the Wii launch or iPhone launches where items go for well over the original RRP - this is still a massive discount for a very capable bit of kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pronk View Post
    As I've posted in other threads... this is still a massive discount for a very capable bit of kit.
    Haha, sellers are free to sell at whatever price they can get, and buyers are free to buy at whatever price they want. Im amazed at the tone of your response... if you dont feel bad about selling for double the price on the marketplace then do so, and buyers are free to make their own decision as to whether or not they would like to support this and buy at that price.

    What I am saying is that, when the problem of people buying extra to make money, has prevented many people from being able to order it is essentially rubbing salt in the wounds on this thread and therefore should not be here!

    (P.S. Having just completed my economics degree I am vaguely familiar with demand and supply)
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    No, you specifically said (as quoted above) that selling at double the fire sale purchase cost is not "a reasonable price", seemingly completely ignoring the fact that this still under half the original cost and that this is not normal circumstances. You're quite clearly suggesting buyers who have TPs to sell on for whatever reason should not be selling at whatever price they want and that the market is supporting, but should be selling at prices that suit buyers instead.

    People posting here aren't rubbing salt into the wound, they're just letting people who are genuinely interested know that they have items for sale now that retail sources are all but dried up. Not everyone looks in the marketplace forum, and I know some new members who signed up before/during the fire sale didn't even know there was one. Besides, the only "wounds" are self inflicted where people are annoyed at not being lucky enough to score a TP in the fire sale. If someone thought a touchpad was worth the money, they'd have bought it full price before there was even a suggestion of a sale. If they're only willing to buy it at the maximum discount and think even a penny more than that is unreasonable, then they just want a bargain and not necessarily a touchpad. If they want a bargain touchpad - well then there are plenty of those still available. Maybe not as much of a bargain as some people got them for, but a bargain nonetheless.

    I'm amazed there are so many bitter people around. You'd think they'd all been ripped off and actually *lost* money, whereas the worst case scenario is they're getting offered something at less than half price they didn't want at full price anyway!
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    It's in quotation marks because I was quoting someone else who said that it was "a reasonable price" and my exact comment was that it wasn't a reasonable price "in my book" which I absolutely stand by... Hence why I wouldn't buy it at this price.

    I am not at all bitter. I would suggest your responses are a lot more emotionally charged than mine. I got a touchpad, and I do not need a touchpad. I really don't care to debate with you whether or not it is in any way bad to buy extra of something like this in limited supply and sell for more than your purchased for to earn money. Different people will have different opinions on this. And that is fine. But I am not the only one of the opinion that people buying lots to sell at a profit is annoying. And many of those people haven't got one. Hence why (be it your opinion or not) it will be a little irritating for some. This is all I was saying, and why I suggest it be put into the relevant marketplace thread and not on this thread.
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    I'm aware you were quoting someone else - but your post made it clear you disagreed it was a reasonable price. So as I've pointed out repeatedly, exactly how much more reasonable than still less than half original price in an exceptional situation do you expect? What would a fair price "in your book" be? The market supports the price of around £180 for a 16GB Touchpad. People are buying at that price. In fact, I'll go further - people are buying at that price and are happy to do so because they're getting a great product that is worth that price. So as you think people with TPs to sell should sell them for less, you're suggesting people sell themselves short to keep other people happy on top of selling them an item now no longer available anywhere else at less than half the cost it was at a mere 2 weeks ago. Why should they put themselves out of pocket? They've done nothing wrong other than be lucky in a sale and get what they wanted.

    We're also not talking about people "buying lots". Granted, that is annoying. But you specifically said you think one "extra device" is what most people had, so you're aiming your criticism at pretty much anyone selling on even one Touchpad at anything more than cost. And no-one in this thread, who you were saying were being annoying by saying they have items for sale, has suggested they have any more than 1 item.

    If you want to criticise people bulk buying and selling on at overly inflated prices, go right ahead. But that's not what you did in your earlier posts - you criticised people selling on single items at a level the market supports that is a considerable discount on the original RRP for having the audacity to charge the going rate and trying to sell their items to people who want to buy them. That's what I consider was an unreasonable criticism.
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    This has got out of hand, we are clogging this thread with a stupid debate that I don't really even want to have. To say a price is fair just because people buy it that isn't true: see price discrimination. I know people are perhaps just buying one extra but it is still artificially inflating this price.

    And my final point... I don't care! Can't we just agree that the place to put these is in the marketplace and not here?
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    Well ok, but back to my original point - a lot of new members didn't/don't know about the marketplace, and only members with 50 posts can post there. So there's not really much harm in popping in a quick link surely?
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    There is if it's a point of contention like this.
    Last edited by kingofbeans; 08/29/2011 at 07:15 PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amazon
    I am contacting you on behalf of the office of Mr Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. After reviewing your correspondence of 25th August, Mr Bezos has requested that I respond to your e-mail.

    Rest assured however, Mr Bezos takes e-mails like yours very seriously and is very aware of the issue and our response both to you as well as internally to the various relevant departments.

    Thank you for your kind feedback on our Amazon site and services. The product in question has been discontinued from our retail at present and we do not price match. As we can't supply this item at the lower price, our customer service advised return for refund which is the only option available.

    Please accept our apologies once again for any disappointment caused.
    Just received this after my email to jeff bezos, amazon ceo.
    Also called HP again, say they still havent made a decision regarding refunds... ugh.
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    My US order fell through, thankyou Datavision.
    I guesstimate that after shipping and tax it would have cost me around £130-ish (16gb)

    Because I was guaranteed them by Datavision, thankyou Datavision of NYC.

    I got excited, listened to a few Palmcasts, enjoyed lurking around this forum, checked emails hourly for shipping details, read the manual about 3 times (it's a boring manual :P)

    Anyway, I decided to look even harder. Ebay have them for around £210. But I found one on Gumtree for £170 it says 'Brand new in box', but not sure if its in the sealed brown box or not.

    First thing today, i'm gonna buy a local paper and see whats in the classifieds, theres bound to be a few in there...

    In an ideal world £150... I can dream can't I?
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    who's the best people at HP to email and plead for some more UK stock. I'm thinking Eric 'better than number one' Cador and Todd Bradley. Anyone have an email or even postal address for them?
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    Don't give up hope just yet, apparently more are being manufactured:

    HP: We’re Producing One Last Run Of TouchPads To Meet Demand | TechCrunch
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    Quote Originally Posted by awj View Post
    Don't give up hope just yet, apparently more are being manufactured:

    [url= We’re Producing One Last Run Of TouchPads To Meet Demand | TechCrunch[/url]
    almost certainly all destined for the US. Read HPs blog about it. All the talk about signing up for notifications and evrything only applies to the US.
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    My plan failed, not one in the local paper. I'd expect at least one chancer.
    Gumtree "BNIB" sold.

    Must not buy the £200 ebay ones... I hate to break it to you all, I probably will.
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    don't blame you really. News of more being manufactured is nice but doubt many will make it to UK & even then, same stress & hassle will probably occur. If HP had any sense of fairness, they would allow anyone with a Palm/webOS profile chance to buy 1 first (that is those who have not already made a TouchPad profile). But of course they won't do that
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    I'm still holding out for the prices to drop a little, I'd probably pay £165+p&p for a 32GB which is still 50% profit... still annoyed that there's so many bought just to resell with so many fans not getting one so don't want to line their pockets too much.
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    Update, there was a company selling 5 on ebay today for £180 + £8 p&p.
    I missed out. The ones that sell are under £200 shipped on Ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hp
    Q: What about retailers? Some retailers won’t price match or drop their price to $99.

    Each retailer will manage their own policy and process regarding pricing and price matching.
    from HP Communities - More TouchPads on the Way - HP Communities

    Quote Originally Posted by hp
    Q: What if you already own a TouchPad but want to get $99 pricing?

    Please contact the retailer or the specific HP store where you originally purchased for their policy on this question.
    ugh. thats not good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    I dont think I would buy one unless its sub 120 for the 16gb, and sub 160 for the 32gb.
    I know what you mean, but the crazy thing is, you can't get any other tablet thats as good for 199!

    As HP is giving a warranty its not bad.

    For me I'm just bitter that companies and ebayers are taking advantage of the situation, which I blame HP for directly.

    HP should have contacted devs first, then existing users from their profiles, then new users signing a waiver not to sell on ebay.
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    My £199 Touchpad from Cleverboxes is on its way. Mixed emotions...
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