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    So who wants to speculate on what extended warranty services are going to do after this liquidation sale if you ever need to make a claim?
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    probably offer you credit for what you paid for the tablet.
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    If you purchased the tablet before the liquidation, I would think that all warranty agreements would be honored. A device purchased in the fire sale, probably is without warranty, or return. You are on your own, JMHO. This is why I did not rush out to buy one. I saw them on HP very early this morning. But I can buy a decent android tablet for just double of the $149 asking price, and have full warranty, full app catalog, system updates. Can't see why anyone would want one. I'll wait and see if HP licenses WebOS to another hardware maker, I'll buy my WebOS device then. If they don't the current Touchpads are a total dead end. When they wear out, you are out, and buying an iPad or android tablet anyway. Why not just do it now?
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    Hp will honor the warranty. I am sure of that

    - - Ivan

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