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    Did some research on a few sites (Microcenter, Slickdeals, google, etc.)

    * Office Max [] (Sold Out)
    * HP Home & Office - 16 GB [] (Sold Out)
    * HP Home & Office - 32 GB (Sold Out)
    * PC Richard (Sold Out)
    * Target (Sold Out)
    * Sam's Club (Sold Out)
    * Office Depot (Sold Out) (apply 942099541 for free $15 giftcard for lunch. Good for subway/panera bread/burger king)
    * Walmart (Sold Out for online shipping, choose your local store to see if it's available for instore pickup)
    * MicroCenter - 16 GB(Sold Out) - Orders which were confirmed by email are being followed by cancellation emails, even in cases of ordering only 1.
    * MicroCenter - 32 GB(Sold Out)
    * Fry's(Sold Out)
    * J&R(Sold Out)
    * HP Small & Medium Business [] Dead dead dead DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * Best Buy Canada (Sold Out)
    * FutureShop (owned by BBY) (Sold Out)

    Places Without Drop:
    * (no longer available) <--------- I wouldn't write this off just yet, the 16GB wasn't available last night but then it was earlier today
    * BJ's
    * BuyDig
    * CircuitCity [] (Currently unavailable)
    * CDW
    * []
    * Costco - one I went to said they returned ALL stock to HP today morning. EDIT - I just called my local Costco and they had it for $480. Not trying to TC the person before, more of a YMMV.
    * Meijer
    * MacMall []
    * Newegg
    * Overstock
    * ProVantage
    * Radio Shack
    * Sears
    * Staples Check in store, management has been advised to sell at the reduced price.
    * Tiger Direct
    * Vann's

    TouchPad Details

    * 9.7" 1024x768 IPS screen, 1.2ghz Snapdragon dual-core
    * Discontinued by HP (along with all other WebOS devices) just a few months after launch
    * There is NO android port available. There may be one in the future.)
    Link to xda discussion regarding possible Android port: [Q] Install Android on TouchPad? - xda-developers
    Link to PreCentral discussion about Ubuntu:

    Bill of Materials: $296 (16gb), $318 (32gb) ($318-Bill-of-Materials.aspx )

    ================================================== =================================

    Latest News / Information

    Note: BestBuy has 270,000 of the devices – and has so far sold a paltry 25,000. And BestBuy hasn't even start selling Touchpad at $100 yet!!!! So almost quarter million stock still available!!
    HP TouchPads failing to sell, lots left at Best Buy
    They're sending them back to HP. you can assume that HP will try to sell them again at 100$ at some point or just landfill them.

    WOOT this thread made PCWorld: $99 HP TouchPad Selling Out During Fire Sale | PCWorld Slickdeals FTW!

    How to: Install Preware on Your TouchPad

    Additional Offers

    Free 50Gb Cloud Memory

    I don't think anyone has mentioned that the Touchpad and HP will give you a free, lifetime 50gb storage account. That is a nice deal with the Touchpad.

    Bringing Box to HP TouchPad | The Box Blog

    Apps for your shiny new webOS!!
    Applications | HP® Official Site | U.S.

    ================================================== =================================

    Orders from

    HPTouchPadDeal - Tinychat

    Order being processed: You are good to go, HP will ship them out on Monday.
    Order being verified: HP is unsure of stock levels so you will know Monday if they have enough or not.
    Declined; Call HP: don't bother, they couldn't reinstate mine with that card or another
    A side note to the above: It's pretty safe to say that if your credit card has been charged, you're going to receive your order. HP typically only charges cards when they can fullfill their order. I got an alert from Bank of America this morning, saying my card has been charged. I logged into HP's site and my order went from "Order being verified" to "Item being processed." - JeremyM

    YOU need to verify HP Online Orders Placed Overnight 8/19

    If you have an order with HP online from last night and your order is still in "Order Being Verified" you're more than likely out of luck and didn't receive one. Both the sales department and order verification specialist have checked 2 separate orders and neither went through to fulfillment. On top of that, they want you to "re-order" and they are sold out.

    * I happened to speak with a rep just now. She said orders are being approved fine, its the high volume at the time that is causing email send out delays. THose who could get the codes to work will have the orders processed fine. Just no more accepted.

    I can also verify this, and even fi you are on a verification stage, you will still get it, thats straight from a actual sales rep, not just assistance. Live chat said they can't give information on sales, and they are giving out conflicting information.
    * ( $30 off $150 - use coupon code SAVE30HP (for 32GB model add a cheap filler such as paper [] and order them one at a time) - YMMV
    * ( $15 off $75 - use coupon code SAVE15HP - YMMV
    * ( $30 off $150 on Online Orders with Coupon Code: TECHBARG30 - YMMV

    * PayPal may or may not work on
    * Signup for a new EPP account using company code: EP4297 --
    * Signup for HP Academy (similar to EPP, gets the discount): ter_app do - Google Search

    ================================================== =================================

    Places that WILL Pricematch/Reduce Price


    In store the price will ring up at $599.99

    They do not price match their website as their policy clearly says.

    HOWEVER, ask the manager to check their new "markdown" list for electronics.

    The price shows up on their list for the department managers to mark down. Most managers are not in until Monday morning though. So, ask them if they can process the markdown for the department. They can then adjust the store system to show the corrected price at $149.00 (32Gb version) and it will ring up at $149.00.

    ** Worked in Fort Gratiot, MI **
    (woot! Fort Gratiot! My hometown!)

    **Also confirmed to work in Terre Haute, IN**
    **Has not yet worked in Farmingdale, NY. Phoned up and one person said that they would not price match, even if the price changed, which is a lie. I'm guessing it switches tomorrow.**

    ================================================== ================================


    See prices PDF, attached
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