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    NO ONE has touchpads in stock. I checked every retailer's websites, all report sold out.

    Called several different merchants in my area too, all sold out.

    HP listed them on their own website, says sold out and to call, i'm on minute 17 on hold and no one is answering.

    Office depot seemed the next best bet. I called every office depot in the SF bay area, three even answered the phone saying "thank you for calling office depot/ we are out of the HP touchpad, how may I help you?"

    I hung up and cried. where can I find one now?
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    Frys electronics in san jose has plenty of the 32gb for 149.
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    I just got a 32gb at walmart up here in alaska. i was going to get 2 16gb one for me and one for my wife but this jerk of a lady bought all the stock of them.
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    I thought I was sunk this AM when I called everyone near me, then noticed hhGregg and they had 8 of the 32s in stock, but while talking to the guy 5 were going out the door. Talked the sales guy into holding one for me and when I arrived about 30 minutes later, there were 2 left (a couple of 16s to). Probably too late now, but try them if you have one in your area.

    When I called the other stores (Depot, Staples, WalWart) they answered before I could finish my question that they were out. I am kicking myself now for having not gotten the 16 for my wife....stupid...stupid....stupid.
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