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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Video games sell for $60 a pop. Nobody is getting rich on the razor blade model at 99 cents each.
    Apples bank account disagrees.

    Look at Tom Cruise his *** is still getting royalties from the 80's.

    OS's are very similar in this fashion as long as they exist people will buy music, movies, games, and apps. The purchase price is nice, but over the lifetime of the device the software is where they should bank. Ask Tommy if he has made more off of his OG contract for risky business or the royalties since. (I know this is a bad example, but a good illustration.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    Was just reading somewhere that hp has offed over 350k of these things this weekend so far.


    From zero to hero - the touchpad suddenly has a market and a userbase..... Still nowhere near ipad uptake, but incredible given the short amount of time the sale went on.
    350k is nothing. And once the current inventory is gone, there is no hope for the number of users to increase.
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    Selling at cost or at a loss, is part of a strategy that would require long term vision.
    Obviously Leo couldn't think that far out, and was fixated on short term profits to please shareholders. In hindsight, Leo thought this was a sprint, not a marathon.

    6 Months Later

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    Well for $99 bucks i'd buy any good piece of technology. Plus, its going to be a collectors if someone had a Foleo haa.
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    I don't think it matters what they would have sold the TP at. I strongly believe they released them knowing that in 40 days The plug would be pulled no matter how well they sold. That is why I am so confused at their logic. They released the Pre3 and the very next day they stopped production. The amount of sales on the TP didn't matter. Discussing their sale price is kind of mute.

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    well middle management certainly was caught off guard. I don't certainly expect much but you would think that HP, although they may have already decided they don't have what it takes to compete, has some suitors in line to bail them out. Either way, poor execution.... I think everyone can see that. Hopefully a Samsung or HTC is involved in all of this.

    one can hope.... Right?
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