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    How do I suppress SMS on my TouchPad? I used my Pre 2 profile so my apps would sync between my phone and TP, but I don't want my SMS threads showing up on the TP.

    My TouchPad is meant for my kids and family to use. Therefore, I'd prefer my email accounts and SMS to not appear.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    is BT on? for me sms wouldn't work until i linked the pre and tp through BT. (if yes, turn it off?)
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    Just delete the conversations and remove the email addresses from accounts. It's a one-time sync, and SMS forwarding doesn't actually work from any available phones.
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    Thanks, jhoff80. Worked like a charm! Didn't realize after the initial sync with my profile, the TP is own its own. Therefore changes to my apps on the TP doesn't affect the ones on my Pre 2.

    Scubakitty, I haven't linked my phone via BT, as I'd prefer to keep the TP separate.

    Thanks, mates!

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