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    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my experience with HP and trying to get a refund for the difference of the Touchpad's price drop.

    I bought the Touchpad on August 10th, and it was delivered to me on August 15th. I paid $371 after taxes and with my HP academy discount and $30 coupon code.

    I didn't want to return the Touchpad, I love WebOS. I have an Epic 4g which I bought after my Pre- and just... No. No. I don't like it. When I got my TouchPad I finally felt at home again, but I was definitely burned by it costing $99 now. So I decided that a price match made more sense than returning it. I have confidence in our Homebrew devs!

    Getting the price match was pretty simple, I went online to their live chat. They asked me for some info like my order number and verified some account information. I told her I wanted the difference refunded because the price drop was so enormous.

    She gave me no trouble at all. She refunded me $225 to the same credit card that I paid for the Touchpad with.

    Try to get a price match if you bought it from HP!
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    I just did the same - I got the difference refunded, less sales tax differences. Props to HP for not totally screwing me over.

    I also just ordered another one on for the wife.

    I don't care iwho makes it and what it runs...a dual core tablet with flash support and beats audio for $99 and $150? Ridiculous. Being that it has the best mobile operating system loaded on it is gravy. Delicious gravy...knocks the socks off of KFC's gravy gravy.
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    I have read that HP will give a price match even if it makes more than 14 days that we have the touchpad.

    But does anybody know how?
    I've bought mine at Future Shop on July 15th and when I called today the guy says that they can't offer a price match because that makes more than 14 days.

    Here is the article:
    BREAKING: HP Crediting Fire-Sale Difference to Current TouchPad Owners | Featured, News |webOSroundup
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    I'm pretty sure HP will only price match if you bought it directly from them. If you bought it from a third party I think its all up to the store or websites you purchased from.

    from what I've seen.. At the very least they are offering refunds to all touchpad owners. Maybe getting a refund and finding a touchpad on ebay after could be the way to go if they don't price match.

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