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    First of all: Please excuse my ignorance! I've been sitting out the TP stuff because, as a Sprint Pre minus user from day one, I've been waiting for the Pre 3 to come on Sprint or if I should switch carriers etc. Haven't seen a reason to spend $500 plus on a TP etc.

    But now that they're so cheap: can anyone provide me the reasons why the TP is worth owning now?

    What can you do with it if your Sprint account cannot connect for phone and data?

    Is the Wi-fi capability still worth it? Why exactly?

    I guess I'm asking: what functionality is still and always will be available on the cheap TP? What functionality is lost for Sprint diehards like me and when the Palm profiles are not available?

    Thank you for your time--I really appreciate it!
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    I'm a day-one Pre- user and I'm switching to Android on Virgin Mobile (already have the Motorola Triumph). I'm getting two Touchpads.

    Email, web, music, video, calendar, notes, maps... Synergy, Just Type... Touch-to-Share (oops, just kidding)... etc.

    I'm hoping to tether the Touchpad to my cell phone to give me data. I don't need a phone on a tablet (looks weird up to your face).

    HP isn't going to make Palm profiles not available. They said that they were still focused on the software. While they might not have a strong commitment there, there will be workarounds (I think some are already discussed) if they shut down profiles.
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    I've got a Pre- and a TP. TP's great for surfing, FB pix, etc. Free Tether lets you use it when away from WiFi, too. If you're not too into apps not yet available, go for it!
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    It can basically do anything a netbook can do, but more pleasantly so for $99 why the hell not.

    Yeah i know that windows can do so much more than webos, but a netbook is only really good for web, email, and other things like that. anything more complex would be painful and better done on a laptop or desktop.
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    Does the video calling work? For sure? I wanted it for Skype!
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    Quote Originally Posted by k_roxas13 View Post
    Does the video calling work? For sure? I wanted it for Skype!
    My experience with Skype has been hit and miss from day 1. After the update its a little more reliable but more often than not I have problems seeing the other persons cam or visa-versa. Its cool when it works though lol.

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