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    To all the UK members.

    Where did you buy your TP, anyone thinking of trying to get a refund of some sort.

    I got mine from Argos, they don't have a price matching policy.
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    I got mine from the HP online store. Support recently green lighted a replacement for me due to pretty bad light leakage on my screen. In light of recent news I am going to try and get a refund instead.
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    PC World, they are crap for returns wise anyway lol, I'm a kinda walk in, buy, walk out kinda guy so I'll chalk this up to experience I guess.

    NOT that I'm unhappy with the TP would buy it all over again,

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    I agree, the TP is awesome. Looks like we have joined the realms of laserdisc and betamax though !
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    Got mine from comet last month, noticed the hairline crack near the speaker problem last week. I was going to return it for a replacement but went in today asking for a refund. Got a full refund for the TP, TS and case. very happy now. I might get another if there is a UK fire sale.

    Got to say I am extremely dissapointed in HP dumping the touchpad so early. It had a lot of potential.

    The way they just dropped it like that has basically killed webOS in my opinion.
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    Bought mine from Best Buy UK store in Nottingham. After hearing the news I took it back (4 days after purchase) to them and told them it had been locking up, freezing and turning off randomly and they took it back no problem and gave me a gift card with the exact original value of the Touchpad and touchstone charger. Very impressed, not used to this level of customer service in the UK. They have got themselves a customer for life with me. For those interested I bought an iPad with my gift card. I hope that WebOS goes well in the future but for now I'm out.
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    pre-ordered/bought direct from HP, keeping mine and all the accessories etc.
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    Bought touchpad direct from hp nd accessories from staples

    not sending back, but hope hp will refund difference. Not holding out much hope though.
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    Got mine direct from HP, and will be phoning them tomorrow and expecting money back like in the US. If they refuse reluctantly my TouchPad is going back for a full refund.
    HP UK may think they can bluff this out if the volumes aren't great but over the years I have bought alot of HP products so if they don't handle this correctly they have have more to lose than the margin on one TP.
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    Got mine from PC World. They'll accept returns within 21 days, but if it's not faulty, they'll only accept the return if it's unopened. How am I meant to know whether something sucks or doesn't without opening it and finding out?

    I'm kind of hoping that the US firesale will come to the UK, and that HP will refund the difference and tell their partners to refund, in which case I then hope DSGi retail (PC World & Currys) honour it, even though I'm over a month since purchase.
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    How do you propose to seek a part refund from HP? I'd like to try the same, being that I only purchased my TP one week ago!
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    Got mine from HP Store in the UK, on 5th July. I called on Friday and politely complained - bitter taste in mouth etc and they agreed to get City Link to collect on Tuesday for a full price refund.

    The HP Store phone number has changed now too - its now 0845 2704002, they put you through to post sales support (in Barcelona I believe) and they process the return & refund.
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    I have pretty much given up hope on getting a cheap one..I think the last chance was getting one from bestbuy and getting it imported but I missed that train too..
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    Bought from Argos (on their interest free option) on 11th August. Keeping because I enjoy webOS much more than i did iOS or Android. Got a Pre3 as well from box. I emailed MD of HP UK at my disgust and pointed out that argos don't want to offer a refund. Lets hope HP UK gives us a cheque or credit of some description to match our US buddys.
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    On a side note before i had been scammed for an iPhone 3GS with paypal, i actually got my money back by writting to the "judge" which is a column in a Scottish daily newpaper. I guess companies don't like bad press. If a don't get a good response from MD of HP UK i'll pursue to smear HP's name in the Scottish press.
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    Dont know if anyone has spotted this, when you go through the UK site which still has it under the old price, if you click on the buy now button, it opens the shopping basket with an item not found error...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manic View Post
    Dont know if anyone has spotted this, when you go through the UK site which still has it under the old price, if you click on the buy now button, it opens the shopping basket with an item not found error...
    Yes thats right been like that since yesterday evening when i reported the small price drop on their site,lets hope monday brings a keener price and this is just a holding page for the time being.
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    Has anyone called hp recently? I know they said tomorrow but wanted to bump this thread up
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    I called them and they said there had been no information on what was happening on UK pricing and to check the online price tomorrow (22/08/2011)
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    Apparently price drop should happen tomorrow between 9-10am from various tweets to #hp twitter feed,nothing official though but sounds about right.
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