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    I ordered a TP last night for $149 and got an email confirming the order however woke up today to another email saying my order had been cancelled due to a lack of stock.

    How am I going to get a touchpad in Canada now
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    To add, I still really want to buy a TouchPad but I don't know where I can get one now that they're sold out!
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    Everyone buying them are just selling them on craigslist for 50$ more. screw that, I'll wait till christmas i guess cause people get sick of it.
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    I'm so angry Futureshop let me buy it when they had none in stock but I guess their local store wasn't open. It just ****es me off because if I had known it truly wasn't in stock I would have woken up early and waited in line.

    Also I bought it last night from a local store on yet people walked in today and bough them? Not fair if you ask me :P

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