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    I ordered a fire sale Touchpad and was thinking that it would be nice if I could find a Palm sticker to cover the HP logo. I continued thinking more about rebranding and wondered if it's possible to create a patch that would remove ALL HP branding from the Touchpad and replace it with Palm branding.

    I really don't want to be out and about with my new tablet and inadvertently be pimping for HP. For that matter I don't even want to have to look at the freaking HP logo.

    I figure I can DIY a sticker at home, but have no clue when it comes to software or patching. Any one out there working on something like this?

    If this idea sounds interesting at all, take it and run with it. I'd totally pay a few bucks for a patch to cleanse all HP branding from a Touchpad.
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    I first thought a Palm sticker and boot screen would be best, but Palm is dead. WebOS might still be kept alive if there is apparent interest. So how about WebOS stickers?
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    I was thinking of grabbing an apple sticker from one of my Mac friends...
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    or just webOS Touchpad
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    I'm going with webOS. There is no HP, there is no Palm. That said, the only change I've actually made so far was to my e-mail signature. Anybody know how to edit the sig line in Forums?

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    If you're willing to meta-doctor, you can change the boot logo to whatever you want. Based on looking through the Makefile, seems to use the webos-internals one (Tux with Pre) by default.
    Dan Donovan
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    Still hoping to get the palm name back somehow
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    Robitaille had a 1.4.X patch for rebranding the pre's/pixi's carrier name to "palm" (or whatever you modified the patch to indicate). I'm not sure of whether such a patch exists for 3.0.X, but (imo) it'd be worth looking for in the patches currently available for 3.0.X.
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    I still have my Palm sticker the precentral sent me. I plan on putting that on the back of mine (if bestbuy doesnt cancel my order

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