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    I was all set to run out to BB first thing this morning and pick up two TPs. But now I'm seeing that US BBs are not even honoring the sale. Only Canadian BBs. Fortunately for me, I live in Detroit - only 15 minutes form Canada. Unfortunately, I don't know whether or not a Canadian TP will function any differently from a US TP.

    Does anybody know if Candaian TouchPads configured any differently than US ones?
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    The only difference I can think of would be the app catalog.
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    how big of a difference would that be?
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    shouldn't be a difference at all as long as you set United States as your country when you set it up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renderhaus View Post
    how big of a difference would that be?
    Catalog determined by profile, not device for TouchPad. SKU is the same apparently.

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