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    I complained in an earlier post about the need for BestBuy to go bat for their customers and it appears they are doing so. On their website, you can now return the Touchpad and get your money back or exchange the HP Touchpad for another tablet.

    I know I will be returning mine today. I may get one for $99 later but at least I would not have wasted $500.
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    I will also return mine. I have a launch day Pre and a lauch day TouchPad. Its really sad but its time to move on to another plantform.
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    well and truly flogged a dead horse.

    I really hope this is a really unfunny publicity stunt.
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    I bought two 32 giggers at 149. Returning my 16 I bought at bb for 499. Thanks bb!
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    Nice gesture, but BB is partially to blame for the poor TouchPad sale, most of BB reps really didn't do a good job selling the TouchPad.
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    I am so happy to hear this. I still think the TouchPad is worth the $ and overall have been satisfied with it. Give me a chance to save money and you better believe I will. I will return mine as soon as I get another one in hand for $150. I wonder if I will still get my $50 rebate from HP?

    I too didn't have great experiences with Best Buy reps saling TouchPad. But I still put that blame on HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickwestland View Post
    Nice gesture, but BB is partially to blame for the poor TouchPad sale, most of BB reps really didn't do a good job selling the TouchPad.
    You could say the same for pretty much any phone at Verizon that's not Android. Or any phone on AT&T that's not iPhone.
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    Does BB also take the TP back without having the box?
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    Wow, now I can justify buying one (two) of the firesale Touchpads. I'll place my new order today and when the new TP arrives I'll return the original.
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    I have a launch day touchpad from BB. Not sure what to do now.
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    I feel a lot better. Just returned mine (bought on Launchday) to BestBuy. I went with a printout of BestBuy's extended return policy for the Touchpad and there were no questions answered. Now I will begin my hunt for a $99 Touchpad. I miss WebOS already
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    I just bought mine from BB a week ago. I should let the kids use the hell out of it and then return it on the 60th day.
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    I have a couple of weeks now to decide what to do.

    Do I buy a fire sale TP and return it to BB(Since I have sent my UPC code away for a rebate that may, or may not, happen), then wait and see if the Pre 3 comes out to replace my dying launch-day Pre? That would give me a couple years to hang with webOS and see what happens.

    Or do I move on? Do I go to iCrap, which I hate, or Android, which annoys the p*** out of me?

    I love webOS. It is so beautiful and elegant. I am just so frustrated with this whole thing. I have been with webOS since it was first announced. I was watching the live-blogs the day it was announced and was with PalmOS before that since the 90s.
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    when do i get such an offer from hp? i bought from the german hp store right away, with preordering actually.
    we pay way more for the device here, how comes we get way less.....?

    anyone thinking about starting a legal complaint against hp for fraude? Of cuase they knew 6 weeks ago that they would stop....
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    But what if you don't have the UPC?
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    I'm guessing that Best Buy will return what they didn't sell to HP. So there is a possibility that more will be sold for $99 and $149 through, soon! I mean you're talking around 200,000 give or take from what BB said

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