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    I was a launch day supporter of WebOS. The pre- on launch day was like a dream come true, I had just purchased a centro about 8 months before and was ready for WebOS. Anyway I was one of the most hardcore supporters of WebOS, talking my SO into a pixi-, my mom into a pixi+, my brother into a pre+ and eventually into a pre 2. I'm no stranger to the hacking community here, i've done about every hack and meta-doctor you can to the current hardware (minus the TP). I even built a basic linux machine to make the hack fest easier, anyway, I was just about to find a cheap pre 2 and swap com boards with my minus until the evo3d caught my eye.

    I had purchased a evo shift when it first came out and was thoroughly unimpressed with it. I figured that with all the hype of android it was going to be a lot faster than it was, turns out it really wasn't a good enough upgrade to the pre- and I returned it inside of a week. Now that dual cores are out and ice cream sandwich is right around the corner its looking like the evo3d has a firm spot in my pocket (until htc makes webos hardware ).

    Anyway i'm kinda babbling because i've been up all night looking for cheap TPs, what I'm really trying to figure out is how many WebOS defectors are picking up a cheap TP.
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    I am waiting for the stores to open myself!
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    I was an early Pre customer, burned by no more phones really (sprint).

    I have Android phones now and very happy, but I am 100% going to be buying as many touchpads as they will allow

    At $99 and $149 it is a perfect deal even if webos dies.
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    I bought pre week of launch. Have wp7 and love it!

    That said I am hoping I can find one somewhere that has them and is selling them at that price!
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    Verizon Pre+ owner. Love the OS, hate the lack of apps. Was planning on going to android devices... but the Touchpad at 99 and 149 is too good to pass up. Bought a 32gb this morning. In December I'll be upgrading my phone to an android phone of some kind though... Pre+ is in rough shape, plus now I get the even better version of the webOS on the Touchpad.
    Will I be able to connect the Touchpad to an android phone to have it do the text messaging through it? I haven't tried it with my Pre+ yet even, but I know its supposed to be a feature. (I've only had it open for about 30 minutes)
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    Same here. Left webos when evo was released. But for $99, I'm in. it's at least worth the cost of a kindle! Hopefully the development lives on.
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    I left in June, wife and I picked up 2 Nexus S 4Gs and a GalaxyTab 10.1. Really enjoying them.

    My heart goes out to the webOS community. I wanted to see it succeed so we could return when our contracts came up for renewal, webOS has the BEST multitasking period.

    I wish everyone here well.
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    my last webOS device was the original sprint palm pre and since then I have moved on to Android.. So its been a while since using webOS, Im kinda rusty but I think Ill catch back on very fast..Now if I can only remember how to Install pre-ware Id be happy lol
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    Why we need a poll on this?
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    Dropped the Pre+ in June after I went through 6 replacements in 1 year. VZW let me upgrade 8 months early so I went with an Android phone. After a week with the horrible thunderbolt, I returned it for the DX2 and am pretty happy thus far aside from the obvious lack of multitasking and synergy.

    Hopefully my TP order goes through so I can get back on a WebOS device with some decent hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I got the pad because it was cheap. So far I think te is is horrible and it reminds me of the pre. Slow, laggy, no apps and I even got a too many cards error with 3 webpages open. The browser is barebones and slow plus the font rendering is horrible Hopefully someone figures out a way to get android running on it so I can do some real stuff. At the price I don't feel bad . It makes a decent video player.
    I don't think you have updated yet? Also once your profile syncs and contacts come in, restart the device it will be much faster.

    My list of dislikes is more based on stupid hardware choices by hp (front only cam, no sd slot, no usb port, no hdmi/widi/alternative, no dlna, so many other missing items)
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    I've had a Pre(- on Sprint) for a while now, though I'm about to replace it with an Android phone because it's worn out and it's obvious I'll never get the Pre3 on Sprint I was hoping for.

    I bought a Touchpad (16 GB) for $349 at Staples on the 5th. I returned it on the 18th before all of the price slashing madness happened. I bought two from Office Depot (32 GB) for $149 each in the middle of the night on the 20th. If for some reason that order falls through, my dad has secured a high one-digit number of them and will give one to me for an upcoming birthday. I'm glad to be here, hope that dumping all of these devices so quickly is a plot by HP to help license WebOS by keeping the developer community alive, and as a fallback I hope the XDA/CM7 people succeed in their port of Gingerbread/CM7 for this device.

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