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    Just ordered a $99 Touchpad for pickup at walmart in about four hours. I left webos in june for an android phone and was debating on buying a touchpad for $500. love android. love webos. love the tv i bought instead of buying a touchpad at $500. haha
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    im officially a nerd to... i missed HP sale...then joined the SD thread...have been up for hours ...missed the pcrichards deal...then the OD sale came but didnt want to pay 129 for pad...then missed the sams club deal... BUT ALAS i refreshed wally world and there it said 99 dollars for a 16 gb touchpad... and i got one....(sold out in seconds on site)....

    its 5:16 am..... im tired... and excited .... dead tablet it or not...i think ill love having it!!
    I hope that after I die, people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money.

    Modded Sprint Pre: 3" pulley s/c, i/c, 1.6 rockers, xp cam, slp headers, 3in exhaust, res/cat delete... oh wait wrong forum... ummm pre has lots of mc patches and a xtra mhz, ghtz, and chigglehertz
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    I missed Microcenter and PCRichard, didnt wanna pay the extra 15% for not being a member at sams. i was on the SD forum for 5 hours, pretty fun.

    Sidenote: the touchpad will have ALOT of new owners. hopefully webos internals keeps running because there is a growing base now.
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    Originally got mine at Sam's Club, which has a 90-day return/price protection policy, so I've just got to go in with my receipt for the credit While they will show out of stock on line, you can still pick them up in the stores. I am sure HP will show some available as well in the coming weeks as well as some refurbs.
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    Walmart and Staples both screwed me. left touchpadless after an all-nighter.
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    Hey I pulled an all nighter too... Seen it on Engadget after I was done playin some Battlefield at about midnight, the link on Engadget had took me to Slick Deals which then I saw hp was selling it for $99 but was sold out at the time, same for Best Buy, waited around untill about 1:00 a.m. found other sites selling but for original price still, then about a half an hour to an hour I figured I would go to the last page in the forum on Slick Deals and noticed someone wrote that the TP was selling for $129.00 on Office Depot, so I just said hell with it and went for it, still a damn good tablet for the price I paid.

    On a side note I haven't owned a WebOS device for a while now,its been since the original Pre on Sprint, and I must say I've been missing it, now I cant wait for it to show up at my doorstep on Wednesday.

    I'm back and WebOS community!
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    I finally got it to work on up small business site. I went ahead and paid full price and will get it credited back. I ordered it before it went crazy from slickdealers so hopefully I get it!

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