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    looking forward to learn webOS and Homebrew(not exactly sure what this is?) although HP dissed the Touchpad and Pre3, i'm hoping webOS (and Homebrew?) will continue forward.
    .Once you get up to speed on Homebrew and Preware docs take a look on how to install WOSQI and Preware using simple step by step instructions... [Click Here]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCPDX View Post
    .Once you get up to speed on Homebrew and Preware docs take a look on how to install WOSQI and Preware using simple step by step instructions... [Click Here]
    Thanks. bookmarked for future reference. i got lots of catching up to do...
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    preware is only recommended if you want you device to be twice as awesome. Lol
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    I just picked one up today. What a deal.... For those of you who are searching the net for basic tips like I had to here are the answers to my issues:

    How do I close a "card" window/app:

    If it is fullscreen hit the one main "center" button.

    If is on the "card view" main/home swipe it or push it off the top of the screen quickly! There is no close box!

    How do I play a flash game:

    First figure out where the update manager is and install the update some of my favorite games were kinda wonky before I did. After the (long long) update the Touchpad will restart. Go to your favorite flash game site and launch a game.....

    HEY WAIT WHY DOES MY GAME MOVE ALL OVER??????? How do I make the browser stay still:

    This annoyed me for a while trick is to tap twice quickly and that will enlarge your game and lock it so it plays normally. If you did the tapping you will get a little dialog telling you that it can be released by pinching and zooming. Again weird things happened on some games before the update so be sure to update the os!

    As far as the web goes I have yet to find a website that did not work well (ipad you hear this!)

    This includes one site I love that sucks on Android I found that I could use the same site I use for my googletv to watch The site is and it is easier to navigate than the main justin tv site. It really really works well with the touchpad. Just go to jugoolo and select a category by tapping on one of the tabs. Once the center thumbnails (actually giant images) load you can navigate by tapping on the left or right side of the screen with your thumbs.Some arrows pop up when you do it right. You start the stream you like by tapping the image. The site works great on the touchpad!

    Overall so far we love the device! And the price was Amazing! Only minor hitch for me is I would love to find a good ssh client for it and it would be gold. I could not find one in the app store. Any ideas?????
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    I spent all afternoon trying and was finally able to purchase 2 of the 16gb models on the HP Small Business website. I'm keeping one and giving the other to my girlfriend as she loves my original Sprint Pre as much as I do.
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