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    Quote Originally Posted by clay333 View Post
    I may have a solution for some of you that weren't able to get a TP today, but you have to have a wal-mart near you that has them still full price.
    unfortunately, none of the walmarts near me ever had them.
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    Everybody relax. Best Buy is returning all of their stock (~250,000 units) back to HP. So is Costco who I'm assuming had about a 100,000. I'm sure there are some other large retailers who are doing the same. I called HP Direct and they have a option for calling about the TouchPad. When you select that option you get a message that says they are currently sold out but will be getting more and to check back next week! There is going to be plenty available. All of those people who bought units to resell are going to find out that not only are they not going to make any money off them but they will have a hard time even getting rid of them next week ...
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    Other posts indicate that best buy has dropped the price in store. I called my local store and they confirmed this but also confirmed they are sold out.
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    went to two Best Buys this morning; both said they are no longer stocking them and sending back to HP even though the online site sale was up. I was able to pickup the 32GB @ a local HHGregg
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    Seeing all the talk about Best Buy tonight, I made just one more trip out to mine. Talked to a sales associate and he mentioned that they still have theirs and that there is a possibility that they might be for sale in the morning. Think I'll camp out and see.
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    I just bought 3 Touchpad at best buy 2 hours ago.

    They are selling them...Apperantly they put them out late at around 5:30 where I am from.

    They are all sold out tho, but best buy is selling them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cronk View Post
    got mine from here

    micro center - hewlett-packard touchpad wi-fi 32gb fb359ua#aba

    the front page says $499 but once you add it to your cart, it is down to $163 after taxes...just ordered one a minute ago
    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    just got an email from micro center that my order was cancelled :-(

    me too!!
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    mine ended up being cancelled too...sorry guys, i am now waiting in limbo to see if my order is going to be filled
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    I ordered a 32GB on last night. I got a confirmation email and there's a pending charge on my AMEX, BUT I never received the shipping info and can't check order status on their site.....
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    Did micro center charge your cards? How to ask them to make refund?
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    As of 11 PM Mountain time, has the 16gb for $99 plus tax and shipping. I just ordered 2.
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    ~101$ HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz - Black, HP WebOS - Barnes & Noble HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz - Black, HP WebOS - Barnes & Noble

    ~600$ HP TouchPad Tablet with 32GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz - Black, HP WebOS - Barnes & Noble HP TouchPad Tablet with 32GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz - Black, HP WebOS - Barnes & Noble
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    Just ordered a second one, $116.04 with shipping and tax. They don't have the 32 GB on sale.
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    Just bought two off the B&N site!

    Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of B&N having Touchpads.
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    I saw it on B&N a little bit ago, then came back and looked again, said it was not available. So they sold out in the past few minutes.
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