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    Stop perpetuating the nonsense that the HP TouchPad and webOS aren't dead or that it was some savant like move by the company to lose 25% of their stock price just to get defunct webOS tablets into people's hands for $99 and that now they're going to turn it around and make millions off of it.

    The fact is webOS doesn't offer up much that's revolutionary or unique to the game. On top of that, they've got ridiculously small software support. Embarrassingly small when they were trying to sell these at $500 when this first came out.

    They couldn't get it together when iOS was the only real modern smartphone OS worth anything, they couldn't get it together when iOS and Android were the only real modern mobile OSes, and now you think they're going to give it another run when Microsoft is finally truly in the game as well?

    The fact is the average consumer doesn't care one bit about webOS. It's had it's chance to succeed numerous times and it never happened. The window is closed. Sometimes it's not just the quality of the product but the timing that matters. HP has blown up whatever tiny advantage they might have had in webOS features. There is literally zero reason for the average consumer to pull for webOS.
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    PrivileGe, of course that was not the intention, however it is entirely possible that with the right muscles flexed to the right places, that the turnaround could come. At the time that webOS first came out, nearly everything it offered was revolutionary, unique, new, or a significant enhancement to everything else that was around at the time.

    Unfortunately, iOS and Android are pretty much getting into the market of copying everything that was good from webOS, after getting their catalogs and stores and marketplaces together using some pretty crap systems.

    You're right, the average consumer doesn't care one bit about webOS. Just having "OS" in it's name is probably a horrific move, as that pretty much automatically discounts anyone caring whatsoever about it. How many OS's are succeeding out there that are not named with real actual words, other than iOS , considering that the average consumer knows it merely as "iPhone"? Not many. Not many at all.

    There probably never even -was- a window that webOS could achieve a critical mass. Maybe, though, maybe. It's not over until it's over. It's pretty close to over, but it's not there yet. And as long as there remain users, and work is still being performed, then it's still there. Hell OS/2 is still out there somewhere, although it's probably used by fewer people now (other than legacy systems that may never get replaced) than Palm phones.

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