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    I apologize for making yet another thread on this but I'm just incredibly excited!

    I've always thought the UI on these things were incredibly more fluid than on Android. I've been an Android guy from the start but recently sold my Nexus One after having a crazy amount of problems. The $149 pricetag on the TouchPad was all I needed to buy one of these as fast as possible.

    If Android or even WP7 in the future was ported to the device (or even any linux distro) that would be great but to be honest it looks like I'll already be able to browse the web, use gtalk/MSN, email, manage documents, read ePubs and listen to music perfectly.

    I'm only afraid of what people are saying about a lack of apps due to HP discontinuing WebOS but seriously, a $150 32GB multitouch tablet is one hell of a deal either way!
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    Welcome to the club.

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