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    Exactly. People that want to see these firesales as somehow rejuvinating this system are deluding themselves.

    You want to know what Leo (and any level headed exec) sees as the outcome of this "marketing ploy?" Look no further than "HPQ"

    HPQ - Hewlett Packard Co Stock quote -

    Notice how the quarterly statement was on Thrusday and the info about this firesale started to leak out Thursday after trading hours...

    The fire sale is rejuvenating the OS not the hardware. The hardware must die in order for HP to prove to anyone they are serious about licensing the OS. You are forgetting one piece of the puzzle. The sell of the highly profitable PSG. HP can make up some of its losses in the PSG buyout. Keep webOS, make money from app sales, make money from licensing, make money from sale of PSG, and save money with low overhead cost (software is cheap).
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    If HP is serious about licensing the OS, they would be giving away their touchpads to prospective developers. You will not be able to convince anyone to license webos if there are no apps.
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