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    So I returned my TP today. It was a combo of two things, big boy apps will not surface on it for ever (or in the not so near future) like Netflix etc, and it was also an eff you to HP.

    The guy behind the counter of course asked me why. I told him it was buggy. It kind of was because I couldnt set it up after a wipe and get it to connect to wifi. Im circled by over 30 wifi routers and it wouldnt find one. But thats not the point.

    Of course it found connection in the store and I was able to get into my profile to do a secure wipe.

    Here is the BEST part. While I was getting store credit, the regional HP rep happened to be there walked up and saw him eyeing the box in my hand as I was returning it. He said nothing at the time.

    I later was looking at monitors (grabbed a SWEET ViewSonic 27" with my refund $) and I caught the reps eye. I proceeded to tell him why I returned the TP and that I have never suddenly hated a company so bad the likes of HP and told him my thoughts. Iwas nice about it but the whole time he had this 'wow' face going on. I also told him because of that I will never buy an HP product again if I can avoid it.

    He didnt know what to say and mentioned something about his boss was going to call him later and fill him more on the details about whats going on in the company.

    On another note. Im thoroughly enjoying my new super sweet VS 27" monitor.
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    Poor HP rep, he probably didn't have a clue.
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    Most don't know about the recent developments yet. The few I spoke to at the SBU didn't even know about the announcement until I point them to the press releases. They were in just as much shock.
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    I agree. You think we got screwed over. Just think about the poor employee who is trying to push the tablets only to have the floor pulled out from under them.

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    He knew what I was talking about. But yea, the way he said about waiting for a phone call from his boss didnt sound exciting. However, I did ask the counter clerk if they were selling these things and he said they were selling quite a few. This is at a USN store (Navy Exchange) and I was surprised that people were buying them considering how the average military individual thinks Apple and Bose is the end all and the stores are flooded with that product. For the record I was amazed to begin with that my Navy Exchange was actually selling them other than the iPad and a handful of Android-of-the-week tablets.

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