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    $149 on amazon right now.
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    Sign up at HP academy with a .edu account.

    Sign in.

    Use following link to product page

    HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB | HP® Official Store

    Use code SAVE15HP

    Check out.
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    Every store in Ontario is out of stock.
    one or 2 stores in Alberta have some, right now.

    Online is all sold out (futureshop this is)
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    1. Create an HP academy acct
    2. Click on post #1 @ (select the 16gb or 32gb link)
    3. Log in using your HP academy un and pw
    4. Add to cart
    5. @ checkout, use save15hp coupon

    you don't need an .edu email...just enter your alumni status and school on the HP academy sign up page.
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    if you add the touchstone you can use save30hp for $30 off
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    im gonna hold out on the touch stone for now because i know soon those prices are going to drop like a rock too.
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    if touchstone drops any further I will just send it back to hp and reorder.
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    Just bought two 16GB TPs...for $8.50 in VA tax (free shipping).

    It took some time to find the deal on the HP web site...until I found these instructions:

    • $15 off Orders $75+ Coupon Code: SAVE15HP
    • $30 off $150 on Online Orders with Coupon Code: TECHBARG30
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    So I have a question: why is this firesale price only available through such ridiculously convoluted channels, and not directly posted on the HP main site?
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    target already dropped the price.
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    because its not supposed to go live till tomorrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyleoXD View Post
    HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32GB | HP® Official Store

    You HAVE to log into your account.
    bout to pull trigger on 2 touchpads for 229

    is that good? any other discounts i should add?
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    where are you all getting these prices? i am seeking 499 on hp and amazon...even on my .edu account on hp...
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    clear your history, cache, etc. Then see post #165 above
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    Any news for uk and Europe? says 149$ but once you go inside it says 400+ for 32GB.
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    Super-annoying, but here's the method I used to get a 16GB for $91.79 shipped. (This might not work for 32GB versions, things are screwy.)

    Make sure you are not logged in the website. If you are, log out and clear your cookies (or use another browser like I did).

    1. Register a EPP account:
    2. For the Company Code, use 2727
    3. Register with whatever email, so long as its not one thats registered under a different hp account.
    4. After registering, it'll present you with a normal looking webpage with the normal $300 prices.
    5. Click the hp logo in the top left. That'll drop you out the standard portal.
    6. Under "Shop for Products and Services" and under "Home and Home Office" click Tablets.
    7. Click the blue "SHOP NOW!" button.
    8. Click the blue "BUY NOW FROM HP" button under the 16GB model.
    9. You should now see the $99 version in front of you. Add it to your cart.
    10. Go to your cart, and apply the coupon: SAVE15HP
    11. Fight your way through the rest of the checkout process. I heard PayPal doesn't work, so bust out a credit card to be sure.
    12. Start researching on ways to get webOS working without activation or an account, just in case.
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    Amazon now has them for $100.00 if anyone would prefer to go that route.

    Edit: nevermind. others beat me to it

    I just ordered mine through HP for 90 bucks shipped. Can't be that price!
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    This may sound bad but if you get the touchpad and touchstone with the save 30 coupon you get this.


    Now if you didnt even want the touchstone and returned it within 21 days you still got $20 off the touchpad. Its 5 more than the 15 coupon lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Messerschmitts View Post
    So I have a question: why is this firesale price only available through such ridiculously convoluted channels, and not directly posted on the HP main site?
    The $99 price is not supposed to go live until tomorrow...but amazon and target dropped it tonight (and sold out) and HP is honoring the price on the phone...if you wait forever. Actually, if you call, they will charge you $399 but swear that they will credit $300 tomorrow when their computer systems have their prices updated. The convoluted processes documented here are to get to a spot on the HP site where the discount has already been applied in that section's pricing database.

    The slickdeals thread is insane...well over 100 pages and growing. These things are flying out the door at this price. HP finally figured out how to sell them. perhaps they should reconsider abandoning the platform now.

    They should have came to market with these at $299. They would have made more money and sold as many as they could have made...and established a solid footprint in the market for future profit later. Let's hope someone takes notice of this sales volume.

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    just added save30hp! thought i had already added it... 196! for 2
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