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    Quote Originally Posted by FliedLice View Post
    Both BB and Staples in the US are showing 'Online Only'.

    I may call and purchase a backup from Staples tomorrow if they have any. I wouldn't expect them to though, they didn't even have one on display among all of the other displayed tablets. But for that price, I guess I can drop $100 for the hell of it. Still would like to see a bit of a refund on my launch day item...
    I show bb has none available all at normal price and staples has available at normal price... What am I missing
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    What hp's return policy?
    Who cares, you can sell a 10-inch tablet to anyone for $99. It wont be long till someone get's Honeycomb on it.
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    looks like they'll charge the full price, then give you a rebate once the product ships out from there wharehouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dennilfloss View Post
    And it could still do this if HP pulls the plug on the profiles, not become a brick, right?
    Yes you could still do that if the plug gets pulled on the profiles. The profiles are for backups, setup, and to download the webOSdoctor should you need it.

    And, in the event I'm wrong, I heard that there is/may be a patch that will let you bypass the profile anyway.

    So if you pick one up, you'll have a really nice web surfing machine/e-reader/email client/personal assistant.
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    I figured it out. You have to click the russel brand picture links to get to the touchpad for $99
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    I just order (2); 5-7 days shipping via FedEx.
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    you guys ordering the touchstone and case also? is it cheaper somewhere else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bo View Post
    looks like they'll charge the full price, then give you a rebate once the product ships out from there wharehouse.
    You obviously missed my post a page back about that:
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    I changed my mind. Almost impulse bought but then I remembered I need to buy a new laptop soon to replace my 12yo 800x600 Thinkpad A21e. There would be unneeded duplication between the two devices and it's better to get just one higher-end laptop (like a Dell XPS) than a Touchpad & a lesser-performing notebook. I can use the $150 to get a better laptop that will do the same things media wise on a better screen. Just not an HP laptop. They lost this customer.
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    Oh well, looks like I'm not getting one. All out of stock in my area.

    How the frack could I check at 9PM, it was in stock at one store, then at 10PM it's out of stock and that store closes at 9?
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    no need to call. You need to use the links from the russl brand ad in the middle of the page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    I figured it out. You have to click the russel brand picture links to get to the touchpad for $99
    Didn't work. Can you provide the URL?
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    Alright this worked for me. I bought 1. So please use this if you aren't going to buy like 30+


    1. Go to

    2. Use 2727 as code.

    3. Register with any email.

    4. After finished registering, close the final page/ tab

    5. Click the product link in the first original post of this thread and price will change. - HP Touchpad 16gb $99, 32gb $149 from 8/20 -

    6. Add to cart and check out with Coupon code SAVE15HP

    DO NOT USE PAYPAL! For some reason it did NOT work for me. I used Visa.

    Total = $84.99 + Tax.

    Edit - Fixed broken link.
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    In case anyone really cares, you can pick up a Pre 2 or ATT Veer for 50 bucks too...

    Also: PayPal worked perfectly fine for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bignoze View Post
    i just bought 32gb Tp and GSM Pre2 for 180 shipped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Mair View Post
    I wish Bestbuy was open till 10pm in Toronto, man I wanted to play with one tonight,

    So I only have a few questions and I'll be plenty happy with my Toughpad purchase tomorrow morning

    1. Will the Touchpad still be getting all the updates that they were talking about for atleast the next year maybe 2.

    2. When HP fines a new partner which I think they will and will probably have a phone out within 6 months. Will the devs still be able to support the Touchpad with Enyo? (i'm not a devs so I'm don't know how programming works

    3. Will HP still warranty my touchpad in 11 months if it breaks down. even if another company takes over the PSG.
    Good luck man. I went to Futureshop and The Source and both were sold out in a matter of minutes. Most of the employees buying them up. Tick me off. None to be found in Edmonton.
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    my friends store (staples) in Whitby ON sold out within 2 hours of all their stock

    Good luck if people want to get it

    People are out buying
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I don't get it. I too bought opening day. Them offering it for $149 doesn't affect me at all. I'm not angry. I wouldn't have bought then had I known they were going to do all of this, so why should I be angry that the price dropped.

    Personally, I think what would be great is if they sell out completely over the weekend. It will make webOS more attractive to potential buyers.

    BTW, I'm buying another one, maybe two. I cancelled my two HP CarePack purchases, ($179 each), and will buy one to put away as a replacement in case my wife or I either break one of ours. I may buy a 16gb version for movies for the granddaughter.
    My goodness
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    Just completed the purchase process over the phone for the 16gb. $432 with $310 refunded to the card in a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorhead777 View Post
    and just bought VZW Pre2 for 50 bucks.

    Order summary
    Item description Product # Qty. Unit
    Price Your
    Pre 2 for Verizon Wireless

    This product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty
    Visit HP webOS Support for 90-day toll-free set-up assistance, support, and troubleshooting for your HP webOS device
    The HP Home & Home Office Store will accept returns or exchanges for this product up to 21 days after delivery

    This item ships free FB320AA#ABA 1 $49.99 $49.99
    Order subtotal $49.99
    (Standard 5-7 Business Days) FREE
    IL Tax $3.12
    Grand total $53.11

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