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    Just snagged the 32gb for my dad. Thanks for the links!
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    Out of stock on amazon. Wonder how many they sold??
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    Glad I got one when I did. HP better not cancel my order (though I did get a conf email from them). I got the 32gb from amazon today and my 16gb from hp yesterday.
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    I still haven't gotten an eMail from the HP SMB store, but now my order status says:

    "Your order is approved and being sent to order management."

    Is that a good thing?
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    Is there going to be anymore of these deals online? I hope I didn't miss out.
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    So if Best Buy is selling their stock, where is HP going to get more they plan to sell? Are other retailers returning their stock?
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    I haven't been able to get on to the order status page included in my email. What link did you use?
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    Where do you log in to see all this information? I have yet to get an email from HP for over 10 hours now... credit card was charged for the 32gb model. I purchased this through the small medium business site.
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    I didn't get my email until the next day and the link was inside of the email, but it doesn't work now. HP site can't handle the traffic.
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    Go to the site and add something (anything) to your cart.
    Click "check out"
    Now, on the left side is a link for order status. Click that and log in.
    Your order should be there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    So if Best Buy is selling their stock, where is HP going to get more they plan to sell? Are other retailers returning their stock?
    Maybe from costco and tigerdirect. That's what many of us hope anyway

    From my PalmPad (HP TouchPad)
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    Everything looks good in my order except for two things: Associated order number is all zeros and shipping and delivery date are the same even though I opted for Fedex 2day. hmmmmm????
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    Check out B& & Noble, got another one from them bout an hour ago.
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    Any places left to get one?
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    it's horrible to see people buy 8,20,30 pieces , and then sell them on Ebay like hyenas.

    There are people who are not even able to buy one to learn and use webOS .

    Leave buy them for those who must still take one !!!!!
    - HP Veer --
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    Both mine have shipped from Amazon and will be here the 24th.
    Touchpad 16GB
    Touchpad 32GB
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    If someone has an extra, I would like to buy it for ME, not eBay.
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    mee to .

    If someone has an extra i buy it .

    Pvt me.
    - HP Veer --
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    if you look Ebay there are pages and pages and pages of people who sell TP New and sealed to high prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it' s horrible
    - HP Veer --
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    ............................ maybe HP will go through a second run of 99 dollard Touchpads at a 200 dollar a unit loss.
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