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    Maybe this all is a preplanned marketing campaign. With all the attention they got now, everybody will want these 100$ devices...

    Naaah not really
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    QVC doesn't even have the "TP" for sale anymore I'm gonna bug them about giving me another refund...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdram View Post
    QVC doesn't even have the "TP" for sale anymore I'm gonna bug them about giving me another refund...

    If you're successful in getting a refund and keeping your TP at the same price let us know. I have yet to send mine out.
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    Cheaper than a Kindle!
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    I think I'm going to pull the trigger, if I can find one. There's going to be a rush.
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    What's wrong with this plan (for someone living in the States)?
    1. Buy touchpad at Best Buy (30 day price guarantee, will rebate you any price decrease).
    2. Do not open touchpad. Stare longingly at the shiny box.
    3a. If price drops in U.S. as well, go ahead and open your new toy.
    3b. If price doesn't drop (or doesn't drop enough), return it to Best Buy before return period ends.
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    they are really pulled off the shelfs at say a local BB?
    too bad cause $99 i would buy one for the heck of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Maybe BB sent all its TP's to Canadia, since they have yanked it in the US.
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    was hoping for opal. but its likely not happening.

    $100? I may just do that again then.
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    I am going to staples or calling them first thing in the morning!

    If they have it I am RUSHING ASAP!
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    With news of TouchPad price cuts to $99 and $149, I feel people around the world are going to be wanting to get there hands on them.

    Pre3 has been released in the EU and I hope it will get similar price cuts, a TouchPad-Pre3 combo would be sweet! I'm in Australia and the local prices are unchanged for now and as far as I can tell most US sellers don't offer postage internationally.

    I'll back here as soon as I hear of the other store offering price changes or a logical import route.

    Do you want a TouchPad or Pre3 at a reduced price? (Where are you from?) Are you waiting for price cuts to come to a local store or an international shipper?

    Perhaps there is a possibility of people purchasing the TouchPad on behalf of other forum members and shipping them out to others?


    Best Buy Canada (@ 20 August 2011)
    - TouchPad 16GB: $99-
    - TouchPad 32GB: $149-
    - TP TouchStone: $79-
    - TP Folio Cover:$49-
    - TP Keyboard: $59-

    TERMS: do not deliver outside of Canada.

    Future Shop Canada (@ 20 August 2011)
    - TouchPad 16GB: $99-
    - TouchPad 32GB: $149-
    - TP TouchStone: $69-
    - TP Folio Cover:$49-
    - TP Keyboard: $69-

    TERMS: At this time, we only ship online orders within Canada.
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    Buy at Best Buy and price match Future Shop for the Touchstone dock. Get it for 68.
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    I'm so buying one. HP should of done this before giving up.
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    Picking up a 32GB Touchpad when I go to Canada Sunday, I put in an order for in-store pickup.
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    I'll wait till Touchstones are dirt cheap on ebay or something. The TP one is only worth 30 bucks anyways.
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    So will, Staples, ect start tomorrow?!
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    its not on their website but if you call them you can get it for 99/149 for 16/32 GB units. They gave me the new price since I got mine last week.

    if you want one call now they will fly off the shelf for 100 that's for sure
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    I hope no one buys one
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    I will probably get a second at that price. WebOS isn't dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    I hope no one buys one
    its cheaper than a dam e-reader why not and it does more.
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    50 GBP i'll get one
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