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    Hey folks --

    I believe WebOS uses the ipkg package format right? If I recall right ipkg was loosely based off of the deb package format.

    I have looked around in the past (to no avail) to find a way to basically reconstruct a package from the installed data. On Debian there is a 'dpkg-repack' command which can do this.

    I bought a couple of Verizon Pixi+s earlier this year on a fire sale and I plan to buy a few more Touchpads tomorrow at the fire sale, would like a way to re-package the packages I have installed so I can have clean backups of these apps.

    On the Pixi's I ended up just tarring up the apps sub directory and copying it from my Pre- to the Pixi+ and that worked more or less though would be nice to have a better way to do it.

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    I know this seems like stepping into 'piracy' territory, but it would be nice to have an easy solution to be able to backup our purchased apps. That is in case HP shuts down the app catalog and or the Palm profile servers.
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