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    Does he mean cash registers? point of sale devices for logging where trucks or packages are? what could be finance?

    The company is weighing partnerships and licensing deals with manufacturers that may use the software in their devices, DeWitt said. WebOS has an appeal beyond consumer markets, and may be alluring to companies in finance, transportation and retailing, he said.

    “The whole world isn’t just about tablets and phones,” DeWitt said. “There are going to be appliances of so many different sizes and shapes in the future that are going to require a human interface for data.”

    Hewlett-Packard WebOS Software Bought With Palm
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    "Licensing WebOS, rather than selling the business, would let Hewlett-Packard retain control of the technology’s underlying patents. "

    Suggests licensing deals or let webOS die because patents too valuable to let go of. Although I suppose everything available at a price.

    Article also says TouchPad owners may get compensation from HP. But we've already seen how poorly the 50 app credit was administered, (I never got one for example)

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