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    I know most of you have been supporting webOS from the beginning and have invested so much time and effort. Your passion for the os is evident as some of you developed out of donations, if not for free. You've endured so much since the first rumored death of webOS. Now based on the recent news, consumers and many others take as no support for webOS and that it's done.

    What I got out of CNN's coverage yesterday was that hardware support is going away, not the software side. I understand that webOS was group with the PSG side of the house which HP intends to spin off, but DeWitt said that webOS is not dead and that they see many uses for it. We all no communication at HP seems non existent as the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing when it involves webOS. Also response time from them is so slow, we consumers still don't know the full intent or details.

    I realize it's already kind of bad internally, but wanted to get some insight from you all. Has HP contacted you regarding app submissions or the future of the tiers dev program? Have you had enough that you are leaving for good or are you still hanging on? Do you intend to still develop new apps, patches, etc.? Would love to hear from QuickOffice or Picsel in this regard. Also, Jason if you still intend on releasing Internalz hd.

    webOS was already awesome before HP bought them. I would like to know your stance as it will help me decide once and for all if I should call it quits. Aside from windows (desktop of course) webOS is the only other os that I've been loyal to.
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    I for one am waiting for further announcements.
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    I would love to hear from developers as well.
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    I have released a Touchpad app (Bug Sweeper) and have received zero communication from HP about anything since the news broke.
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    I was working on a couple of ideas, but if you don't know what kind of device your program will be used on it's worthless to distribute your program.

    I've experienced this with the original PalmOS and Windows Mobile (2.0, if I recall). Creating a program (or app) for a dying platform is depressing.

    I don't do this for a living, I only do it for things I want to use and it's not worth MY time. I can only imagine the REAL programmers are shifting gears immediately.
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    I am out. I see no chance of WebOS fixing the issues I have with it given what has happened.

    Only question is whether I will release a final "thank you for your support" version or not.
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    I am moving on until HP gets it together. I'm keeping my apps in the app store, keeping my Touchpad and Pre 2, but I'm not adding new features. I will continue to support any support requests, but I do this in my spare time and I've exhausted a lot of emotional energy on webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by examancer View Post
    I have released a Touchpad app (Bug Sweeper) and have received zero communication from HP about anything since the news broke.
    Anything regarding you app or the app store or both? What is HP's timeframe of contacting a dev for their submission? No confirmation that it has been received, released, etc.?
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    I will support my current apps. Future, nearly finished, apps are on hold until we get word about what's next.

    Either it gets licensed, and development resumes, or it (what I expect) dies with a whimper.

    Because I have a touchpad, and plan on keeping it (I still love this device), I will remain as a member of the community; which may include new homebrew apps and patches. Since the future of the app catalog is smokey to say the least, most of my releases will be available through preware.
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    I've stopped development on mine... An app so you can share your passwords and bookmarks securely with your firefox browsers using the firefox sync protocol. I was also working to allow ePrint to print to any non-HP printer that supports IPP and PCL.

    It's kind of hard to work on something without continuing products.
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    If you type PreCentral on a TouchPad
    It changes to PreMenstrual
    That situation needs to be fixed!
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    I will continue to develop for webOS platforms for the foreseeable future and have several apps and games in various states of readiness for various platforms (Pixi, Pre and Veer). Of course this may well be a moot point as HP could shut the App Catalog at any moment, without any notice to devs or consumers. Yes, I know there are/may be alternatives for selling apps.

    As I dev for a hobby and not as a career, I can release my apps in .IPK format for users to install themselves, via QuickInstall (or whatever) if the App Catalog disappears.

    I am aware that I am not like (m)any other devs and this is unlikely to be repeated by others. But I love the hardware and the software. And the community.
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