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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post
    That is catagorically incorrect.

    Other OS's have a feature or two that WebOS has, but NONE of them have it all - from the wireless charging to card multitasking to notification handling.

    Now, QNX is close. They just need the patents, and they could, feasibly, turn BB around with the full WebOS ui experience, and, even call it WebOS.

    RIM has patents --- that's why RIM hasn't been in any of the current talk about Apple suing this or Microsoft suing that or Motorola suing that.
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    I can't believe a damn word HP says, they have been feeding us bull since the day they announced their intention to buy Palm.

    I love how they say webos failed to meet our performance metrics. Have you ever heard of investment, you gotta spend money to make money, you have to deal with some bad times and stick to your guns for the long run. what did they expect the touchpad to be an overnight Success just because of they decided to make stupid celebrity endorsed commercials.

    they didnt even come out with a real phone. there are so many people hanging on to dying aging hardware, and all they come out with is the VEER, seriously, not even a real device its a joke, u need an adapter just to charge it. too small of a screen while 4 inch+ androids are selling like hot cakes.

    And come on the touchpad, seriously the tablet market is not even a developed market, and you expect instant success while pricing it equivilant to the IPAD2. i mean come on there is no tablet market right now, it more of an ipad market. The touchpad should have sold at half the price of the Ipad, as it stands today. If they want to match price with ipad they should have innovated webos more, added more unique features, paid developers to develop apps, or develop touchpad optimized apps on your own hp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabe2gg View Post
    Hardware alone will not save WebOS. The other OS have caught up to WebOS too rapidly and WebOS hasnt had anything innovative added to it. If this was last year then licensing would def. make sense.
    Hi, I'm very sorry to say I agree with you, unless they are so far along on the OS for the Pre3 and beyond...were guessing that they are so far behind...they OS group may be far ahead of the hardware group....

    The other hope is that it can be quickly modified for other hardware...

    Take care...

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    I think they just want to retain some people so they can sell the BU at a good price.

    Enterprise business does not need an phone or tablet OS. Even for cloud, I don't see such a small OS would do without a device to time on.

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    Meanwhile, Todd Bradley is looking for a job elsewhere.

    HP EVP Todd Bradley looking to quit HP for CEO role elsewhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by samab View Post
    Meanwhile, Todd Bradley is looking for a job elsewhere.

    HP EVP Todd Bradley looking to quit HP for CEO role elsewhere
    He's 'doubling down' [on salary].
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    He's not the only one...

    I don't feel bad for the HP executives, who lacked the ambition to properly execute; but I do feel bad for the Palm employees who worked incredibly hard in hopes of seeing webOS succeed. Hardware engineers are currently stuck looking for new jobs, with almost no chance of relocation within the company. While HP has stated that they will continue to develop webOS, members of the software team I've chatted with are basically considering it dead. I feel especially bad for the developer community, and the developer relations team who is doing their best to appease everyone's concerns while not knowing much more than anyone else. It seems like everyone is stuck waiting for more instructions from the top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Strange... he told about everything that we know and the only "different" new is about "chat with employees...

    For other side, he don't show know much about the wrote...

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