Ok, ive read a few recent posts about the Touchpad, and noticed a few seem to mention that the downfall of the Touchpad was due to poor Hardware (the clear popular suggestion so far), then read another post (about the supposed ipad / webOS thing) both clash in their opinions tbh software fault/hardware fault, so guessing oen of them is talking complete rubbish.

So which is the supposed fault here?

Touchpad hardware fault? is it bad? is there such a thing as bad hardware?


webOS fault? the post regarding the ipad/webOS said that webOS just wasnt optimised for the Touchpad hense its lower performance?

Allsorts could be at fault, but ive never once heard of a device like this thats released and its OS/apps are blazingly fast from the word go, even long seated pc's and consoles can take a while before software devs get things running as best they can be.


Poor performing Apps maybe? yeah we have apps, at least on the commercial game side they mostly look like ports from android etc, so again probably just enough effort to get them working and not optimised/built "correctly".

As for the rest, a lot of coders are still getting used to the touchpad, i mean cmon its not been out for long as we all know, you cant expect all apps to be of the excelent quality that a small group currently have achieved to date.

A fair few are taking HP's choice as the Hardware fault however, seeing it as a clear reason to justify what they have done, tbh i personally dont agree, i think its entirely HP's fault and no-one else alone, they had plenty of time to get at least the core apps people want and they should have known people would want (im sure such "wants" are popular and the ipad/android market so not hard to read into).

They pushed it as a business oriented device yet didnt even attempt to make or release any such software of the kind, instead seemingly assuming the public would pick up the ball and deliver such apps for them (impossible to achieve until much after release), no attempt to even make/finish off the basics like citrix/rdp/vnc etc, not even a "coming soon(tm), except the supposed citrix".

So again, blaming the hardware seems completely insane, blame it all you want, the hardware is what lies at the core, the os lies above that and needs to work well and be optimised with the hardware, then the apps sit above that and run on the os, you cant have good apps if the os is struggling with the hardware (my TPad has been fie however, not a single hiccup hardware wise and mines seemed "fast enough").

Even if someone stepped in right now and made new hardware, webOS would still have to be optimised for the new hardware it ended up on, and if its not truely optimised for what we have now why would it on new hardware? its not just a magic speed upgrade, its not the same as unplugging, say an INTEL 500mhz chip and slaping in an AMD 1000mhz chip and that magically solves everything, theres a lot more than just something that simple.

I dont see how aquiring new hardware would fix anything, you'd just be back at square 1 with new hardware, meantime the original Touchpad owners are left in the dark with their "old/original" hardware which would probably have the same issues as whatever succeeds it, except the new devices woudl be the "same" only "faster".

/end wall of text, Opinions?