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    Palm Accessories

    The latest catchphrase thought up by the bright marketing guys at HP. Actually I don't half dislike it, in a viral, non-mainstream sort of way. Shame about the timing.
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    And whilst at it, I am surprised the TP is still the sold at the pre-permanent discount price of 400 even though HP websites have it at 350.

    Oh, and Pre2 is still selling for 70 more than the Pre3 on HPs own website.

    HP Pre 2 Sim-Free QWERTY - Palm Accessories

    Maybe internally more people than just the very top brass knew about the bad news.
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    Yeah I guess when you have this jack-tard as the first guy to present your new product, it doesnt help either..
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    Supernatural? As in "Magical"? Sheeesh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Typo Lad View Post
    Supernatural? As in "Magical"? Sheeesh
    Wonder if Apple can sue! Not really, they would be admitting that magical is as creepy a tag line as supernatural.

    Perhaps ThinkPad Go was due for release next Halloween.
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    I love the TV show Supernatural on the CW! In fact I went to the Supernatural convention in Cambridge, MA a few weeks back. Simply awesome to meet some of the cast and had an awesome time. I also had my TouchPad with me. Some of the people there stared at me and my brother (or maybe it was because we were 2 of maybe 10 guys at the convention!) as I just flipped back and forth with ease. Made a few iPad owners jealous.

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