Lots and lots of HP TP owners readily abandoning their under 30 days return time frame. Me to. 14 days for the wife's and 6 days for mine.
Honestly I not sure I want to return mine.One reason but not the only is because, I got if for the 400 sale price, and don't want to spend more on a replacement of another brand.. Now A bigger consideration, is the re-stock fee. Do you guys not have this? I have read nothing so far in calculating this in. I bought one at Frys brick and mortar, and the other online at Amazon. Frys has a 25% maybe 35% restock fee and Amazon has one to tho i not sure how high that is yet. Both costs me $400.00. @ only 25% is $100.00. Man that's seems like a rip to me. I should have checked for stores not doing this. Frys will give me a full refund if only I buy something else. Now if it were defected they would return all money, and it seems to me that they should think about giving complete refunds because of it now being discontinued. I don't want to line out all the options here but this is a big deal for me.
So the rest of you can go back without penalty? Maybe I should just keep them as I do love them a great deal. I wish I could edit docs and thought maybe soon on that, but now probably not. So what about the re-stocking fee not a problem ? If you have one you willing to pay it?

Thanks and sorry for us all this has happened..