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    Did anyone get an e-mail from Russell Research wanting you to take a survey on the HP TouchPad??

    I just got one. Here's the body of the e-mail:

    Dear HP Customer,
    Russell Research, working in partnership with HP, needs your opinions for a survey about your HP TouchPad. The survey should take only a couple of minutes to complete.
    This survey will give you the chance to tell HP how you feel about their products, and also how you use them. The answers you provide will help HP better meet the needs of their customers, and in addition make strategic decisions about their products and services.
    Please proceed to:
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    lol, what a mess, obviously different parts of the company are not talking with each other.
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    Just got it myself. . . twist that knife, HP. Gorram motherfrakkers.
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    <<quoted post deleted>>

    Down 22% as of right now, apparently the worst-performing S&P500 stock.

    This is what you get when you shoot yourself in the head.
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    I took the survey and gave honest answers. I returned my TP yesterday; it was my 14th day. I miss it now. If the prices drop I will for sure get one again.

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