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    Quote Originally Posted by ksom View Post
    And Oracle bought Sun, an hardware company making servers.
    Oracle is pretty much doing right by Sun and its paying customers. OS and hardware development full steam ahead. (this is not the place to discuss Oracle vs. OpenSolaris, save that I'm not happy about it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    If HP's stock keeps doing what it did after the announcement yesterday, maybe Apple will buy HP for $5bn next year.

    So the biggest PC manufacturer in the world stops selling PCs and becomes SAP because their new CEO came from a software company and is restructuring the company to better fit his talents. Insane.
    And to top it off, they're axing a major investment they made last year with a note that they don't want to make a prologued effort to make it profitable - in almost the same breath as announcing a ten times larger investment that they expect they will need prolongued effort to make profitable...
    Investors must ask themselves whether the higher-ups at HP even know what 'strategy' means if the company makes decisions so spontaneously they couldn't even inform the VP in charge of the stuff they're axing.
    GodShapedHole, is that you? Excellent post and no doubt many annalists have thought the same thing about the announcement. Hardware can take time to produce. He didn't even allow time for the Holiday season in the release year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    This is exactly why Leo was brought in. He did not mess anything up for HP's share holders, this is what his direction has been all along. Get out of the finicky retail business and make billions off of corporations. HP's stock is tanking now but that is out of short term fears and reflective of the long term plans of the company.

    Quote Originally Posted by passlogix View Post
    HP never had a clear vision with webOS. I do believe whatever HP spend on webOS, they can get it back with current patent situation. I am sure they realized palm has more value than making crappy hardware and trying to selling it to the public. I am pretty sure HP will sell it with much higher price than what they have paid for. Unfortunately, if HP doesn't sell it to Samsung or HTC, it will be google or apple or microsoft for Palm patents. they will never make another webOS device.
    No, they will not sell it at a higher price, that's just crazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    I am a share holder with significant loss (enough to buy more than 30 TPS). I was hoping the decision will help the stock price. Nope.
    Quote Originally Posted by fizban_tx View Post
    He did not mess anything up for share holder's? Really?

    Nov. 1, 2010 - Leo takes over as CEO - Stock "HPQ" trading for $42.49

    As of 9:32 CST on 8/19/2011 - "HPQ" trading for $23.50

    Tanking now? It has been 'tankning' since Feb, where it hit a high of $48.67; since then all down.

    hmmm... seems like he did mess things up for share holders...

    You can argue about how effective Hurd was as well, the stock was up and down during his tenure, but overall it was up, with one big dip around March of 2009. But during his tenure HP became number one in PC's and made huge leaps profit and revenue wise...
    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    HPQ traded at ~31 the day before yesterday. It now trades at ~23.

    HP stock has lost nearly a third of its value in one day. (18 Aug 2011 never forget)

    You were saying about messing things up for shareholders?

    A lot of shareholders probably called their brokers in order to get the F out of dodge when they learned that the PC company they invested in isn't going to make PCs anymore. Had they wanted to invest in SAP, they would probably have done that. They didn't need Leo Apotheker to turn HP into his old employer because he's not flexible enough to adapt to an environment and therefore needs to adapt his environment to him.

    He'd probably even try to reposition McDonalds to sell enterprise services if he was given the chance.
    Such is how the markets go. They are fickle, there is panic, happens all the time. Smart money goes in at a time like now. Quick investing advice, HP is at a 6 year low. Monday is the time to buy. I think that what they did was ****ty. I will never spend on an HP product again. Ever. I think they treated the GBU, and a lot of their employees like crap. But I am thinking about getting in on the blood money.
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