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    I love my TouchPad. For the $350 I got it for new, this thing is one of my best purchases ever. Yesterday's announcement doesn't phase me a bit. I was watching Flash vids on YouTube yesterday during my 1 hour train ride home that used to be boring as all can be; now it went by fast as can be and was fun because I was watching interesting videos. I love the way they implemented Flash and I have come to love webOS itself. It was my first webOS device when I got it a week ago. I don't understand all this complaining. The thing flies with the eagle kernel and patches and it's going to be good for surfing, video watching, Skyping, emailing etc for some time to come I'm sure.

    I wish I owned HTC because I'd buy webOS and put it in a thin form factor with a 2.2ghz processor and get some of the few remaining bugs that slow it down here and there and this thing would be the best tablet around for everybody(for me it currently is the best tablet around already.) I swear every time I pull it out of my bag I'm a kid again;it feels so great to have something so nice in my hands.
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    Mine is great too - but I really want document editing (word, Excel, powerpoint, visio)

    Otherwise, it's just another toy.


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