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    So I guess the 7" tablet never sees the light of day? I know they filed the patents, but I doubt these are in the pipeline.. sucks because I was holding out for this one.
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    Sorry. Likely dead.
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    Good news is that you will be able to get the TouchPad for the same price as the Opal would have been here in a little bit. #Look_at_the_bright_side
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    i Really wanted a 7" tab more than a 10" one. 7" is more portable and I can easily travel with it. I don't feel like taking a 10" tab with me everywhere. I really hope samsung can buy webOS from HP. Imagine galaxy tab hardware with webOS.
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    What I'm hoping is that what they meant by "development of webOS hardware" is just that they aren't creating anymore new devices, but the stuff that is already in the pipeline will just get churned out as is.

    HP's idea is they can find someone else to take this burden over so they can "find a way to continue the platform", but the damage has already been done with this news. They just shot themselves in the foot if this is what they think. Otherwise it's just a lame excuse to save face on the decision to buy Palm.
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    I'd like to know how many of the various devices have been produced and how many have been sold.

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