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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bard View Post
    Well seems sell the IP or licensing is the only "hope" we got.

    WebOS dying twice..... will it survived this time?
    Stranger things have happened. It wasn't all that long ago that Apple was a bad quarter away from bankruptcy and MS bailed them out with some serious cash investment. Now look at them.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think webOS is going to come out gangbusters anytime soon. But I do think that if its given the MS/Android approach it might get lucky.
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    I just can't believe HP would seriously think to themselves that getting into the mobile business was going to be that easy. I mean...they released this thing less than two months ago and they already gave up on it? Can a company with such a long history in business really think that products will just fly off the shelves with a few ads with celebrities and outdated hardware? And not to mention you're competing head to head with Apple no less!

    No, I don't think they're that foolish--they're still pretty damn stupid though, don't get me wrong. I think that this has been cooking ever since the TP's reviews started coming in, along side with the bad Veer sales, and possibly the lack of support for the Pre3 that HP saw from the carriers. I think they realized then that they have no place in the hardware aspect of this whole business.

    I can only assume they'll refocus and try on improving webOS from now on and to to make it attractive enough to licence to hardware companies that do have a good leverage when it comes to hardware specs and carrier relationship (HTC, Samsung, LG come to mind). This is the last option I see for webOS to keep going...and even this option would take a lot of money to make it into a successful OS. I'm not sure at this point whether HP is willing to invest any more money...

    I don't know anymore...
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    I agree, it IS just a device, and not something much more important, or of irreplaceable value... Keith is absolutely correct to point this out.

    The issue here, is, sadly, that this was such a sudden turn of events. Even the HP employees are probably shocked over this... anyone who says that there was "writing on the wall" is deluding themselves.. I believe that HP made as sincere an effort as their corporate drone hearts could.. (but, they needed to be just the opposite of that, in hindsight), and the new CEO never really gave it a chance.

    The incredibly stupid thing that was done was to announce this, and the poor sales, and the decision without any future plans set. They have options, but no concrete plans going forward - by making this decision public, they reduced WebOS's value significantly, and destroyed any sort of bargaining they could do to keep it a viable OS with revenue potential, other than the patent portfolio.

    So, unless they announce a licensing deal that is already in the works an djust couldnt be announced (I highly doubt that), they will have to spin it off with the PSG as a standalone (Palm back to being palm again with no money), or sell it off to, say, RIMM, who's been emulating the WebOS OS with QNX, and would probably love to have the patents to own the right to do it without punity.

    I can't see, after yesterday's poorly executed annoucement during these half baked hardware launches, a hardware company buying or licensing WebOS. There are too many proven alternatives out there already.. no need to risk going into one that has just, well, acording to HP themselves, FAILED.

    Its just mind-numbingly stupid, this whole sudden change of events.. and it stinks from the very top of HP; they have how many devices out there now, that they need to sell?

    So, in answer to the OP:

    This is nothing to panic about, but, if you like your Pre/Pixi/Pre2/Veer/TouchPad, its something to consider in using your device going forward, and for future purchasing decisions... change is something that we all must deal with in life..

    Perhaps there will be a new group of WebOS diehards who refuse to give up their devices and just keep modifying them, despite having no MFR and carrier support for them.

    As for me... Im still thinking this through, and over the next 2 weeks for so, I will certainly have to make some rationalizations that will work best for me.

    Not panicking.. just very alert and certainly paying close attention now.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    My problem is the TP is still not quite what it needs to be for me to jsut relax and enjoy my tablet. I was relying on HP to deliver doc editing. If I get that , then as is the TP suits my needs at a minimum. But will we ever get that now??
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    no you won't.. some fat cats has to protect the stock price so that he can rip the max when the golden handshake comes. the working class, inventory are all pre-disposable.
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    It's interesting how emotional people are with WebOS devices (me too)

    It is like the 5 stages of grief. You can read all of them in the forums:

    1. Denial
    Effect: "No that can't be true.", "Hp cannot be serious.", "This is a joke."
    Time frame: approx. 5 minutes till you googled the internet

    2. Anger
    Effect: "***!!", "They cannot be serious.", "This moxxxfuxxxng idiots.", "They are ruining it.", "I will kick their axxx.", "Which moron is in charge of this?"
    Time frame: approx. 1-12 hours; till you go out for fresh air, slept over it or went to the gym to release some pressure

    3. Bargaining
    Effect: "Come on Hp. You cannot be serious." "Please think about what you are ruining." "We will do anything to help make this a success. Maybe we can advertize even more in our circles of friends."
    Time frame: approx. 5 minutes to 2 hours; because we also have pride left.

    4. Depression
    Effect: "We will never have such a good Smartphone/table environment ever... so I will never ever buy another smartphone." "There is no hope.", "Thats a bad joke on us."
    Time frame: hours to weeks

    5. Acceptance
    Effect: "Live will go on.", "HP told us anyway it was more about WebOS than about the devices." "WebOS will hopefully be supported a time." "We cannot do anything against it anyway. It's going to be Okay.", "Maybe another supplier will sell WebOS devices"
    Time frame: till end of our life or till a new WebOS based device will be released...

    Don'T take it to serious but a little bit of truth is in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukeda View Post
    5. Acceptance
    Effect: Oooh, a Windows Phone...."
    Time frame: three hours ago
    Had a typo. I fixed it for you...
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    the problem is, that Devs will stop developing almost immediately. I think updates and new apps will nearly halt within the next days.

    We will see the effects of this announcement really soon in our app catalogs.

    And new hardware won't arrive in under 6-12 months at the earliest, imho. So the platform is essentially dead again.

    Maybe they revive it at a later point, but at the moment, it is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsentell View Post
    Had a typo. I fixed it for you...
    Ya I am hoping for mango software on Sprint soon. Stupid buttons on andriod make me mad. Either that or iCS when it drops. Google needs to buy webOS for Matise.
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    WebOS kind of reminds me of the black knight in this classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intron View Post
    Did everyone see this way back in June?

    HP works to license webOS, Samsung wants in

    Let's make a prediction about what happens..... HP spins off its personal computer division but retains the software (like webOS). Then webOS gets licensed to Samsung and all the others.

    Obviously, if you *need* a phone now and are on Sprint or some similar situation, you have very little options so I don't blame you for jumping ship. But mark my words, 6 months from now we will see a slew of new phones that are running webOS - none of them made by HP or its spinoff.
    Licensing webOS is a pipe dream - the only way it is workable is if there are currently supported devices out in the wild, and HP just bashed their current ecosystems knees in by ending device operations.

    I'm also smart enough to know that my phone and tablet will get me through at least another year, so I won't panic, I'll just enjoy another superb but dead OS for a while.
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    What is most sad about this is that when HP realized they weren't making their own internal deadlines (maybe they didn't realize....), they didn't start looking to another hardware manufacturer who may have been interested at the time. I for one, am still holding on to hope that there will be another hardware manufacturer who will be willing to take a gamble on webOS, but it's going to be a very difficult path.

    As others have stated, devs will likely stop production of apps for webOS, and in my opinion, that will be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. As Apple has set the standard in the market, apps are KING when it comes to the success of mobile devices for the time being, and the blow HP dealt to webOS yesterday was as severe as they could without just saying "webOS is dead". I would implore devs to continue working on their apps, as there are webOS fans out there who will continue to support the platform, but as a dev, you'd have to be really dedicated an hopeful to develop for this platform as of right now.

    I hope that DeWitt has a good solution for webOS coming out of yesterday's announcement. As it has been stated, it seems even he was taken by surprise when he heard of HP's plans for webOS. Yes, he should have known in advance so he could start contacting other manufacturers to let them know that webOS is looking for new hardware, and that HP didn't feel they could do it alone. But there is no turning back on it now. I think webOS still has a future. We will know "in the coming weeks...".

    I'm not panicking yet, but I wouldn't blame those who were. I've been a webOS fan from day 1, here's hoping that someone will "make things right".
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    Wait a minute.. you mean this wasn't the world's best August Fool's Joke?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWLandfair View Post
    I am not one to panic, but what are all you going to do? I am not jumping ship. Hell no. I have spent too much time with this (and so has HP) and am not giving up now. Anyway....

    -- Sent from my Palm Veer using Forums
    Well said

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    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    If DeWitt was taken by surprise (and I believe he was) it does not bode well.

    A licensing deal should have been in place prior to that announcement.

    Either someone buys the patents and webOS lives... or not, and it dies.

    My App catalog is now blank. My Newsroom app cannot update with news from any source.

    I'm thinking it may be time for a new phone. I'll keep my eye on this, but I'm not holding on to much hope at this point.

    Even if something isn't meeting your targets, or you think that your shareholders aren't going to like the margins, you don't pull the plug in such a ham-fisted way. It's plain stupid.

    I'm not suprised to see HP losing value now.

    I think Leo should be fired. Much more so than all the lay-offs that will doubtless occur now that the PC division is shutting down.
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    Don't panic... there is a (insane!) hope:

    Best Regards...
    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
    (Happy A Lot, As A Good Carioca!)
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