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    Question on returned TP to Best Buy.
    Will best buy place them as a preowned or opened marked down item?

    in that case prices will be greatly discounted.

    I bought my Last Lap top this way. it was returned less tan 30 days and in perfect condition, originally a 800.00 laptop i got it for less than 500.00.

    I hope BB has lots of returned TP that are marked down... I will snatch up a couple if only to get them for my kids to play with.
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    I personally think the Touchpad is still a good product. And would love to buy one for sub 200$ for my dad. So I will be keeping an eye out for hand me downs.
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    They may just send them out to a second site to get rid of them. The store can onkyntake the price down so far
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    HP probably agreed to allow Best Buy to return everything in inventory. Expect similar deals for the entire channel. Otherwise, PSD has no channel, and no spinoff value. HP will donate the inventory to whoever purchases WGBU as a sweetener.

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    Usually they are sent back the the vendor (in this case HP) where they are refurbished. Then they are sold as refurbished units at other dealers.

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