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    @Cosmicblue That's interesting - I've just emailed the HP Store in the UK asking for a full refund or at least a big discount on the 438 I forked out 47 days ago. I haven't had a reply yet.

    Well, the UK HP Store wasn't very helpful.

    Dear Andrew

    Thank you for your email concerning your request to return your Touchpad.

    Unfortunately, you are out with the standard 7 day returns period.

    HP has not yet announced any exceptions to this policy, for customers who have purchased the Touchpad.

    Should I hear otherwise, I will contact you.

    Kind regards

    Hmm. What to do next.....wonder what the Small Claims Court would think of this....?
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    Return it so these losers stop whining and we can finally get back to loving webOS when webOS gets licensed to HTC or Samsung.
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