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    Aaarrgghh. I cannot believe what HP is doing to WebOS. This is absolutely crazy. I wish I could return the Touchpad to BestBuy but since I bought it on launchday, it appears that option is shot. Very annoyed at wasting money buying a device that is 1 month old and not been supported. I also don't expect to see future WebOS app development... I will not be surprised to see HP's board firing Leo within a year or two. I have never been an Android or iOS guy but I may have to consider getting an Android device ugh (I hate the fact that it is not as user friendly and intuitive as WebOS)

    I hope they are able to license it but I have already lost hope
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    yeah from what i can see, there will not be anymore devices until at least9 months from now. thats IF they get a license by the end of the month -=\
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    I just called and let out a lot of steam at my local BestBuy because I want to return the HP Touchpad I bought on July 1st. They could not accept my return since it was past the 30 days but they will be passing my grievance to corporate, and request to return the device.. Basically they are saying you are SOL. The way I am feeling corporate sounds like a dirty word!! I guess I will not be buying from BestBuy anymore. Amazon is taking care of their customers even though the Touchpad has passed their return period. Kudos to Amazon and Boo to BestBuy and especially HP, Leo and the CFO. I will not be surprised if John Rubinstein jumps ship very soon and gets on the last lifeboat!! Unfortunately for us, some of us have been left to drown...
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    Not really Best Buy's fault. Best Buy got screwed worse than we did. They have dozens of inventory that wont sell and have to process countless returns. Direct your anger toward HP and HP alone.
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    My anger is directed at BestBuy where I purchased the device and of course HP the main culprit. You are correct that it is not really BestBuy's fault and that they got screwed, however I own a business and when crazy things like this happen (never this crazy I have to admit), we do our best to bat for our customers. That is what I expect BestBuy to do... They may not have their answers right away however I expect them to try and protect their customers, and not fold their hands and say sorry. They may fail in their attempt to bat for their customers but I want them to try.
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